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Agendas & Minutes


Agendas are the list of what we hope to cover in each of the School Council Meetings. Each agenda includes aspects such as:

  • Opening and closing prayers
  • Apologies from absent School Councillors
  • Updates on actions from the previous meeting
  • Topics to be discussed



Minutes are the record of the meetings, including:

  • Who led prayers
  • Notes about the actions from previous meetings
  • Notes about the discussions held during the meetings
  • Actions to be carried before the next meeting, including who should be doing it and the deadline for doing it


There are two sets of Minutes: the OPEN Minutes and the CONFIDENTIAL Minutes. The OPEN Minutes can be posted on the website and can be seen by everyone. The CONFIDENTIAL Minutes are the same as the OPEN Minutes, but may mention children or staff by name, and copies of these Minutes are kept by Mr. Fox.




Meeting 1

Class Council Meeting 1


Only showing the agenda as minutes were taken by hand. They can be found in the School Council File with Mr. Fox. As they mention specific children and adults they are CONFIDENTIAL.

Meeting 2

Meeting 3

Meeting 4 - Council Worship Planning Session

Meeting 5 - Planing Session for Toilet Improvements