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Should an illness or an accident occur within the school day, it is essential that contact telephone numbers are available on file, so that parents (or their representatives) may be informed. Until we have contacted you, we will take any action required in the interests of your child; any necessary medical treatment or administering of medicines will be in accordance with our policy of Medicines in School and KCC Supplementary Guidance.

Asthmatic children and those with other special care needs are provided for, if the school is furnished with full medical details. The responsibility for delivering any medicines at school and keeping them in date is up to the parent, and parents should be aware that staff cannot administer out of date medicines such as epi pens. All medicines should be collected by parents at the end of each term, checked for their expiry date and then returned to school on the first day of the new term.

If your child is unwell before school begins, please do not send them to school on that day. Children suffering from sickness or diarrhoea should be kept at home until clear for 48 hours to minimise the risk of infection to others. Medicines for daily dispensing should only be sent to school in rare cases and at the request of the GP and with consultation with the Headteacher under the guidance of a Medical Care Plan. If your child requires occasional medicines administered eg the last dose of antibiotics, then the parent must administer that medicine in person at lunchtime etc.

A First Aid log is maintained in school and parents are advised immediately if there is any concern about a child's condition. Any head injuries are given a specific head injury letter to take home to parents notifying them of any incidents.


ONLINE SAFETY (e-Safety) - available on our Policies page.

Visit our OnLine Safety (E-Safety) page for more information.




  1. is limited parking space on the public car park alongside the school and parents are requested not to park within the school drive at the beginning or end of the day as this has lead to accidents. Thoughtless parking of cars near the public car park entrance, in particular blocking the staff car park gates, means access for emergency vehicles is nigh impossible some days. We ask all parents and visitors to park with due regard for access for safety and emergency vehicle access. Again, for safety and security reasons, the school staff car park is strictly out of bounds for parents and children. There is a disabled bay available for stickered parents/ visitors and we would ask other parents to respect the use of this facility. As part of the school's Travel Plan, the school operates the Active Bug initiative promoting healthy ways to travel to and from school (walking, scooting, cycling all or part of the way). This helps us stay safe and healthy by reducing the number of parked cars near school.
    The Local Authority has asked all Headteachers to bring the current position regarding personal accident cover for pupils to your attention:

"The revised regulations state that the County Council's policy does not cover illness or personal accident for staff or pupils for which there is no legal liability. Information about personal accident cover for pupils may be obtained from the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations".

Parents may wish to cover their children for personal accident. The KCC policy provides cover only where negligence on the part of an employee or defect in the premises can be proven.

Parents are reminded that the school has a "No Smoking Policy" and that dogs are not allowed on the school site.


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