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Home Learning & Mr. Aspinall

Home Learning

Home learning has changed across the school this year. Rather than following a grid, home learning will be set by the teacher in order to consolidate and extend the learning of that particular week. Each week, one piece of either written or creative work will be set, alternating between Maths, English and Big Question learning. 


Home learning will be set on a Thursday afternoon and discussed with the class. 

Home learning is due back to school by the following Tuesday




Additionally to this, pupils will be given a list of spellings to practice that will be tested the following Thursday. These spellings are informed by the statutory spellings list for this age range. 




Pupils are also expected to read every night, this can be independently done but pupils should be encouraged to read texts that they enjoy whilst challenging their ability. 


Times Tables


Pupils should practice their times tables at home, developing their fluency and understanding of tables 1-12. We will also do this at school, consolidating our learning with mental arithmetic activities and tests.  




Home learning will be differentiated where appropriate and additional support / resources will be made available to those who require this.

If you have any problems or concerns regarding home learning, please don't hesitate to contact me at klawless@lyminge.kent.sch.uk, or come and find me in the playground.