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Term 1

Dear parents,


Welcome to Year 6!


We hope that you all had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to all of the exciting events planned for this year. Being new to the school, I would very much like to get to know you all as quickly as I can, so please feel free to drop in at the end of the day to introduce yourselves and meet me. I look forward to working with you all over the course of this year. 😊


This term we will be learning the following:


Classic novels, poetry and explanation. We will also be covering various forms of spelling, punctuation and grammar. We will be reading poetry in Guided Reading and sharing a Fighting Fantasy book as our class reader.


Place value, subtraction, addition, division, multiplication and fractions in their various forms. We will be having Mental Arithmetic tests several times a week.


The Christian Creation story and how it can conflict with or support the theory of evolution.


Evolution and Inheritance.




The Maya.


We will be exploring the idea of Creation through the medium of Cubism, improving our painting and collage skills, our understanding of line, colour and shape and learning about famous Cubist artists of the 20th Century.


We will be exploring the idea of Creation through the medium of music; composing Graphic Scores, evaluating and improving them and finally leading to performances of their own class composition of ‘Genesis.’


Handball and General Fitness (circuits)


Ma ville. New vocabulary to learn this term (see below)


Learning at Home

Regular learning which should be done at home….


Reading at home
Every day At least 20 mins
It is extremely important that your child reads every day. Now they are in Year 6 you don’t need to hear your children read (although if you want to please don’t stop!), but they do need a quiet space and time put aside in order that they can simply read and enjoy a book.
Children will be asked to keep a record of their reading so that they can be encouraged to read a variety of different texts.


Spellings and tests
Every day 10 mins
Both Year 5 and 6 will be reintroducing Spelling Tests this year. You will receive a list of spellings (at an appropriate level) on Friday, for a test the following Friday. The test will consist of saying the word, reading it out in a sentence and then the children writing the word down. If you would like guidance on how to support your child with their spellings please pop in to see me.


Times tables practice
Every day 10 mins (if tables are not fluent)
Times tables should be practiced every night, whilst there are still times tables that your child is not fluent with. (Fluent means knowing the number facts of a table – not just being able to recite their rhyme! Eg 2x10=20, 10x2=20, 20÷2=10, 20÷10=2). The Year 6 expectation is a thorough understanding of all tables from the 2x table to the 12x table.


Practical maths
As often as possible.
Please involve your children in any activities which involve using maths practically. Eg.: DIY, cooking, budgeting, shopping, making, measuring, etc.


Home Learning

Please find below the Homework grid for Term 1.

Homework should be handed in to school on Thursday. It will then be returned to be taken home on Friday. A homework certifcate will be awarded to those children who complete all tasks at the end of the term.


Best wishes
From the Year 6 team, Mr. Fox and Mrs. Clayton.

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