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Term 1 - Are aliens among us?

Term One: Week Two


This week we have been learning all about our solar system! We have made up our own acronyms to try and remember the order of the planets from the sun - some of them were very funny! We have also learned about what it feels like to float in space, and who the first human to visit space was. We used our learning about space to create our own solar systems using collage techniques. We took photographs of our faces 'looking out to space' and included these in our astronaut helmets to really bring our art work to life! 

Term One: Week Three


This week we have continued to learn more about our solar system! We have learned about the conditions of each planet and found out how long we would be able to survive within them without a space suit! We also thought about which planets that aliens could live on, if they ARE in fact 'among us'! On Thursday, we experimented with using water colours to paint the different planets. We took great care with our work and the results were super - these photos were taken by Fraser! We also played tag rugby in our PE lesson on Tuesday, we had some expert coaching from Sammy and Isaac, thanks guys! These photos were taken by Elliott. :) 

Term One: Week Four


This week in English we have been learning how to write instructions using commands to give direction and using adverbs to describe a method. We made our own recipes for Perijee the aliens favourite meal ('Perijee & Me' - by Ross Montgomery). 

We had fantastic ideas from space-ghetti bolognese (Rupert) to Galactic burgers (Fraser) and many more! 

Once we had finished our recipes, we used the iPads to record our own cooking shows, exploring how we could use language to give clear directions to an audience. We all had lots of fun and were very excited to share our videos with each other. 


For our 'Big Question' learning this week, we have explored the question 'Am I part alien?' 

We had lots of different ideas which were very interesting to discuss. 

We created alien portraits in Art, using half of a 'selfie', matched up with our 'alien' self! We continued to experiment with water colours to finish these off. 

Term One: Week Five


This week in English we have been learning about non-fiction texts. We went on to create our own information booklets all about our solar system. Working in groups initially, we researched the content of our booklets using a combination of digital research, scientific books and encyclopedias. We then began to draft our booklets, thinking specifically about the way that we can present and structure a non-fiction text in order to 'guide' a reader most effectively. Lastly, our booklets were re-drafted and we finished them off with appropriate illustrations and engaging front covers. We worked very hard on our booklets and we are really proud of them! We look forward to being able to read each others work and offer shared feedback to one another next week. 

Term One: Week Six


This week we have been learning about how planet Earth has tried to communicate with alien life. We have been learning all about Carl Sagan and Voyager 1. As a class, we discussed Voyager 1 as acting like a 'message in a bottle', because we don't know where it is going or who / what might ever find it!

We thought about what we might like to say to alien life if we could send a letter up to space upon Voyager 1. Some of us wanted to invite the aliens to come to Earth, but some of us urged them to stay where they are - in case of invasion! 

We have started to draw all of our big question ideas together, coming up with ideas as a class for our celebration worship on Friday 19th October. We are all very excited about this!