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Term 4 - What have the Greeks done for us?

Term Four: Week One


This week we have begun exploring our new Big Question: What have the Greeks done for us?


 We have been learning about the history of Ancient Greece and sequencing key events on our own timelines. We worked in groups to conduct our research, finding out more about significant historical events.


We had a fantastic drama workshop with Ian, exploring the life of Ancient Greece and stories of Greek myths and legends. 

Term Four: Week Two


This week in English we have been writing our own versions of 'King Midas'. Year 5 have worked really hard and have been really proud of the detailed and descriptive writing that they have been able to produce!


Below are some photographs of our P.E lesson on earlier this week, Year 5 have been developing their football skills, working effectively in a small team. It looks like Sammy is about to score against Miss Lawless in goal here! 

Term Four: Week Three


This week in our big question learning we have been exploring how Greece has changed over time.

We have been learning about the conquests of Alexander the Great and the geography of Greece today. 

We have also been learning about the Ancient Greek Olympics and how the games have developed and changed throughout history. 


Term Four: Week Four


This week we have been busy in English working on our magazine articles about an aspect of Ancient Greek history that we have independently researched. We are really proud of our final articles and came up with some amazing puns for our headlines! 


On Friday we said our goodbyes to our fantastic TA Miss Jeffree, who is off on her new adventure, a little closer to home. We are going to miss her incredibly and wish her all the luck in the world at her next job, who are so lucky to have her. 

We are, however, very excited to be joined by Mrs. Fox next week when she joins us in the Aspinall class as our new TA. 

Term Four: Week Five


This week we have been learning about the temple of Zeus. We created some beautiful artwork, using collage materials and white card to make our own temples of Zeus. They were all so different and look beautiful hanging up proudly in our classroom! 



Term Four: Week Six


This week we have had a busy final week of term, completing our maths and writing assessments, before starting our exciting D.T project.


Year 5 designed and constructed their own Trojan horses, using a range of materials and tools in order to do so. We faced lots of obstacles when building the different parts of our horses, but Year 5 were able to overcome them all and helped one another to do so. Year 5 are very proud of their final projects, which will be coming home on Friday for you to enjoy!