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Term 5 - What lies behind a mask?

Term Five: Week One


This week we have begun exploring our new 'Big Question' - What lies behind a mask? 

In English, we have looked at Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', considering the symbolism of a masked ball and if somebody can be 'disguised' in more than one way. 

We have identified the themed of love and hate within Romeo and Juliet. In art, we represented these themes on our own masks that we created using collage techniques. 

We have been learning about Elizabethan theatre and how theatres have changed throughout history. 



Term Five: Week Two


This week in maths we have been learning about equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. We worked together to practice our skills with a memory game, which got a little competitive! 

In our big question work we work we have been learning about the 'masked' artist, Banksy. We have had some fantastic discussions about whether the work of Banksy is art or vandalism... or both! We have also been thinking about why Banksy might want to keep his identity a secret...

We had a go at creating our own stencils to represent the anonymity of Banksy. We then used paint and sponges to create a 'message' that we would like to give to the world, in the same way that Banksy does! They look fantastic hanging up in our classroom! :) 

Term Five: Week Three


This week we have been learning about the famous balcony scene from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. We worked in groups using storyjumper to write and design digital books. We used audio, pictures and videos within our books and really enjoyed sharing them with each other as a class once they were finished. 

Term Five: Week Four


This week we have been learning about the potion that Juliet drinks at the end of Romeo and Juliet. We have been writing our own versions of a closing sequence to the play. 

In Science, we have been learning about irreversible changes. We conducted an experiment using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar (very smelly classroom!), creating our own 'potions' - but we won't be drinking ours like Juliet! 

We have begun learning about the very mysterious story that lies behind the 'Anglo-Saxon mask' of Aefre - a locally excavated skeleton. This week we had a go at sketching the bones of Aefre whilst enjoying some sunshine! We are really looking forward to meeting her on our trip next week to Folkestone! 

On Friday, we had our celebration worship which we have been working very hard on this week. Well done to everybody in Aspinall class and thank you to everyone that came to watch us! :-)

Term Five: Week Five


This week in R.E we have been learning about what it means to be Jewish in Britain today. We wondered if people in society could ever feel like they need to wear a 'mask' because of their faith.  We considered how we could use our Christian values to help others to celebrate who they are. Year 5 had some excellent discussions as a class and created a display of all our ideas. 
We have also been learning about Hanukkah and how it is celebrate by Jewish people.

We used watercolour paints to create our own menorahs. 

Term Five: Our School trip! 


We have been learning about the very mysterious story that 'lies behind' the Anglo-Saxon skeleton, Aefre, who was excavated from Dover Hill in Folkestone in 1906. Aefre can now be found in Folkestone Museum, though forensic analysis has identified that she is actually more than one body! Aefre has extra feet and hand bones - her knees are also placed the wrong way round!

At school, we have conducted a 'CSI', considering how this could have happened...


We were very excited to visit Aefre and enjoy a workshop from the museum. We had lots of super questions!

After this, we went to visit Dover Hill to see what it looks like now. We enjoyed lunch in the park and some adventures in the playground. What a super day! :-)