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Term 6 - Is water precious?

Term Six: Week One


This week we have begun exploring our new 'Big question' - Is water precious?

We have been learning about living things and how water is required for animals and plants to grow. We've been busy weeding our garden so that we can begin sowing our onions next week. We have learned about the processes of sowing and harvesting, thinking about how we can create the most suitable environment for our onions to grow!

Term Six: Week Two (Dome Challenge)


On Tuesday, we had a fantastic morning completing our geodesic dome challenges. We had to work together collaboratively in order to problem solve effectively. The challenges were tough but year 5 showed great perseverance and were really pleased when they were able to complete their geodesic domes. :)

Term Six: Week Three (Book Week)


We have had a super book week!

Linking with our big question, we have been reading Marc Martin's 'A River' - an imaginative tale about a magical river that passes through different locations. We identified the multi-clause, complex sentences that Marc Martin used in order to enhance his writing. We then created our own versions of an imaginary river tale, using multi-clause sentences and a range of figurative language techniques. Once we had finished our writing, we illustrated our work and really enjoyed sharing them with each other.