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Values & Ethos

At Lyminge Church of England Primary School we believe:

  • that learning should be fun, individual and rewarding
  • in fostering Christian values in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect, celebrating the uniqueness of every individual
  • in building a secure social environment, where we trust and are trusted so that we are able to take the risks essential to learning. We encourage sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others, friendliness, co-operation, courtesy and tolerance, as well as the appreciation of religious and moral values
  • in working as a team, united by respect for each other and sharing common values and aims .
  • that our partnership with parents, the church and the community is the keystone to success
  • that personalised learning is the priority and that knowledge is a commodity which we share not only with our local community but with the wider world
  • in nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in everyone by promoting self-assessment and reflection in an atmosphere of clearly defined expectations and standards
  • in teaching our children to think critically, solve problems, make choices, question and debate in order to develop independence and self-esteem
  • in creating a well resourced and stimulating environment which shows that we value our children and their learning
  • in anticipating change as the norm in our ever changing society