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Year 4

To all of our amazing year 4 children.

We would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and safe summer holiday.

Well done to all you have achieved in year 4 and we look forward to hearing about your summer holiday experiences in September.

Mrs File, Mrs Grimwood, Mrs Vincer and Mrs Gonsalves would like to say a big thank you to all the parents for trusting us to teach and care for your wonderful children! Also thank you for your kind gifts and cards.

Very best wishes,


The year 4 team. x



Our school trip - another wonderful memory of year 4!

Learner of the Week


This week, our star learner is Emily for amazing home learning. Emily produced a wonderful 'lift the flap' poster to present interesting facts about the Mary Rose. We also enjoyed her informative PowerPoint on the Tudors complete with quiz - well done Emily!

Lyminge Celebrations at the Library


On Thursday we were lucky enough to take part in the celebrations at Lyminge Library. We listened to an informative talk by Mr Willcox on the old platform and learnt that the last passenger disembarked at the station 70 year ago.


Inside the library, we enjoyed 'The Railway Children' read by Jane and explored the former station with an old and new food hunt.


Thank you to Jane and Lyndsey for organising such a lovely event.




This afternoon we were all amazed and silenced by the brilliant guitar playing by Ed.

No, not Ed Sheeran but our very own Ed in year 4!


Short film to follow soon! 

20.06.17 Learning about the Tudors - Homework examples.

Learner of the Week


Lauren is our star learner this week. She was able to channel her Harry Potter expertise to write a play script, describing the first meeting between Harry and Ron on the train to Hogwarts. Look out for her screen writing talents in Hollywood in the future!


Year 4 worship and celebration of learning!

Well done to Aslan class for their fantastic presentation of learning and worship on Friday. We are very proud of all of the children!

A massive thank you and well done to all the parents who attended - you are the largest audience for a class worship we have seen!



Breaking News!

Year 4 have been rehearsing their lines today. They are extremely excited about Friday's worship! We hope to see many of you in the school hall at 9am!

Learner of the Week


Kabi is our superstar this week for wonderful data handling in maths. Kabi presented his data in an accurately drawn bar chart. Kabi always take pride in his presentation and this is so important when drawing bars and charts - well done!

Making circuits in Science!

Making circuits in Science! 1
In Science we have been learning about electricity and the children have thoroughly enjoyed investigating how and why a circuit works. This exciting topic will continue into next term!

Learner of the Week


This week, our star learner is Matthew for exceptional progress in swimming. Matthew persevered with his swimming and is now happy and confident in the water. Well done!



       Thank you!       

A huge thank you to Claire, our super swimming coach, who helped us make so much progress in our five swimming sessions! We had a fantastic time.


Thank you to Annabel's mum for walking with us each week.


Finally, a big thank you to Sibton Park for sharing their wonderful leisure pool with us.



Walking home in the beautiful Lyminge countryside.

Water Rescue Skills


Year 4 had a feathery friend visit their classroom yesterday. To my surprise, while I was marking maths books, a blackbird flew in through the window. It circled the room, held on to the edging of a display board and sat on the table. Thankfully, after about 5 minutes, it managed to find its way out through the classroom door.

Blackbird arrived, flew around the classroom and left!

Blackbird arrived, flew around the classroom and left! 1
Blackbird arrived, flew around the classroom and left! 2
Blackbird arrived, flew around the classroom and left! 3
Blackbird arrived, flew around the classroom and left! 4


Swimming reminder

This week is our last swimming session. We will be practising our survival skills. Don't forget to bring some pyjamas or shorts and t-shirt to wear over the top of your normal swimwear.

Learner of the Week


Our star learner is Jack for exceptional effort all week. Jack always tries his best, has a positive attitude and listens carefully to feedback. Well done!





Today we interviewed our Rector, Peter Ashman, about the Trinity. He was very impressed with our questions we had created. Thank you for helping us to understand this challenging idea!

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Welcome to Year 4!