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This week we are beginning our classic Victorian literature unit and will be beginning a Christmas Carol as our class read. We will be looking at stories with a Victorian theme and developing our suspense further, as well as our sophisticated punctuation and dialogue with action.

A child-friendly version of 'A Christmas Carol' can be accessed by listening to BBC Radio... click on the link..


Monday: To explore a story with suspense.

In class we will be exploring this text through Talk 4 Writing. You could read the text 'The Hook' and also explore other stories with suspense. How about having a go at picking a location from the pictures below and writing a spooky setting description?



Tuesday: To identify features in a suspense text.


This term we are developing our understanding of sophistication punctuation, dialogue and action, as well as more suspense!

Have a look for the following features in the text 'The Hook':

Setting (how is an atmosphere created?)

Characterisation (why do we 'root for' this character?)


Relative clauses

Suspense: hints, short sentences, senses, similes or metaphors or personification, suspense openers.


Extension: Why not create a word bank? Can you spot any sophisticated punctuation? Why has it been used? What is the effect?

Wednesday: To develop my dialogue.

Remind yourself of the speech rules!


Choose one of the settings from the pictures from Monday (or your own). Come up with a dialogue between 2 characters and try to integrate ACTION.

This is not within a spooky setting but here is an example of integrating dialogue with action...

If you feel ready, as an extension, begin to use dashes for INTERRUPTION or HESITATION:

Thursday: To plan my own suspense story.

How will you develop suspense? How will you make sure you include some Victorian historical elements?

Friday: To use dashes.

Work through the following website that explains the difference between dashes and hyphens. If you did not manage to use dashes in your dialogue yesterday, for hesitation or interruption, then have a go now that you understand it better!