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Step-by-step story writing

This week we will begin writing up or own Victorian spooky stories but will be 'hugging' The Hook closely.

We have changed 1 or 2 elements and each day this week will cover a different stage of the story hill.

Although you will not be present for the class shared writing, try to stick each day to a different story stage and try to use the features required. This week there is a SPAG focus on using dialogue and including dashes for hesitation, interruption and even parenthesis.


Tips: Remember to stay in the 3rd person and past tense (shift in tense for dialogue). Also don't forget to use words related to the victorian era.. no modern-day references please!

I have attached a Success Criteria grid at the bottom so you can tick it off through the week.


Monday: To write the opening.

Today we will begin by writing in the 3rd person. We will write our opening with a focus on SETTING and CHARACTERISATION.

Remember to create atmosphere by using the weather and the senses. Also, characterisation can be achieved by having likeable protagonist/s (main character/s) who you are rooting for. You could describe their physical appearance but also their movement and emotions.

Start using dialogue but remember the speech rules!


Tuesday: To write a build-up.

Today we will write the build-up part of the story. We must remember to use something like the hook protruding from the wall to then be able to return to this at the end of the story for a TWIST.

We will be developing our suspense by not giving too much away!

Remember your short sentences for effect, similes and metaphors, suspense words and the senses (e.g. an acrid smell of smoke).


Wednesday: To write a problem and resolution.

This is where you can go into the ACTION by using powerful verbs and fronted adverbials.

Keep using those suspense techniques too!


Thursday : To write an ending.

This is the first time we are writing more detailed endings by focusing on a TWIST in our story. This enables you to 'link' back to the start.


Friday: To use semi-colons.

Semi-colon activity sheets