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L.I: To answer reading comprehension questions for a crime story.


Reading video

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Watch the video to explain the reading strategies for today.

Reading questions and answers


Did you prefer the crime story from this week or last week? Explain why.


L.I: To plan a crime story.


Detective planning guidance

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L.I: To write a crime story (opening, build-up and problem)

Detective story writing guidance

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Guidance on the checklist.. please do what you can and do not feel that you have to cover every criteria! The most important thing for crime writing is to make sure you have a detective and a crime!


To write a crime story (resolution and ending)

Story writing continued

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Have you remembered to refer to your checklist?


L.I: To use possessive apostrophes.

The possessive apostrophe and spelling rules

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Click on the picture below to test your knowledge:

Fancy a challenge?

Use your knowledge of plural possessive apostrophes AND the 'y' to '-ies' spelling rule to create 5 of your own sentences:

E.g. She walked up the field towards the ponies' stables.

Don't forget to upload your sentences onto Seesaw if you want me to have a look!