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This week we are beginning our explanation unit based on SPY GADGETS! As we start the imitation stage, Tuesday and Wednesday's learning will be accessible on Seesaw for you to have a go at activities that I will be able to comment on!

Monday 25th January

L.I: To create a text map for an explanation text.

Monday's text map video

Still image for this video

The Snoozatron in action:

Tuesday 26th January

L.I: To identify explanation features.

If you are having Seesaw difficulties...

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Tuesday's identifying features video

Still image for this video
Today your activity is on Seesaw to annotate. Watch the video to find out what to do and then click the link underneath the video to get there...
If you would rather print the example text and annotate with coloured pens that is fine too!

Explanation features checklist

Expanded noun extension (only if needed)

Wednesday 27th January

L.I: To use causal conjunctions.


Wednesday's causal conjunctions video

Still image for this video
Again, watch the video for information on casual conjunctions (LOOK OUT FOR THE SPECIAL GUESTS!) and then have a go at the activity on Seesaw which includes recording your voice to give me an EXCUSE using your conjunction knowledge!

Thursday 28th January

L.I: To design my own spy gadget.

Thursday's gadget video

Still image for this video

Flow diagram template

Friday 29th January

L.I:To use the passive tense.

Passive video for Friday

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Spellings for this week:

Fun detective spelling ideas: