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English week 1 term 2 WW1 poetry

Monday: To analyse a WW1 poem.

Last term, we looked at a variety of WW1 poems and presented them in groups.

Can you remember where Flanders Fields is and what the poppy signifies?

Have a look at the attached poem and have a go at answering the questions. These questions ask for a variety of skills including retrieval, inference and explanations.

Tuesday and Wednesday: To plan and write a WW1 poem.

Look at life in the trenches by using the following websites and take notes.. think about the senses in particular.


Look at the sentry poem by Wilfred Owen and the rhyming structure. What rhyming structure will you use? abac, abab, abcb? (There is a poem template attached if you need it, looking at the rhyming pattern AABB)



When you feel happy with your plan, begin writing up your poem.

Think about different techniques such as: the senses (from your planning), powerful verbs, WW1 vocabulary, emotive language.

Extension: Try to include figurative language features such as similes, metaphors or personification.

Thursday: To develop my poetry techniques.

Have a look at the following website about the Christmas truce (click on the picture below).

In class, our class read this week is 'War Game' and there is a video of the story on the website.

There is another video that also shows the Christmas truce.

Have a look at the poem at the bottom by Carol Ann Duffy. Duffy wrote the poem to remember the soldier who fought in the trenches in WW1. Can you write your own poem based on Christmas in the trenches?



Friday: SPAG/ reading comprehension gaps.

As the papers will be at school, have a go at some inverted commas questions in preparation for our narrative unit next week...

If you want to develop on this, how about writing some dialogue between Otto and Jim or 2 other soldiers? (Use the Christmas truce link again to remind yourself of the story).