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This week the Home Learning subject is English, with the focus being on punctuation and grammar. 

There are two activities to work through, Year 6 and Year 6b. Unless you have been told otherwise please complete the Year 6 paper.


Please set your book out as detailed below:


Date (top left) - long for English and Big Question and short for Maths.

Leave a line and then write the title of the piece of work or activity.

Leave a line and begin.


You do not need to write the questions, only the answers. If you would prefer to print the sheet out, please stick it in your books before you bring your books in to school.




I am attaching the answer sheets where appropriate so that the children can mark their own work. I would then like them to identify where they have gone wrong and try to work out why. When I mark the books I will be focusing on the learning process, rather than the ticks and crosses.




The home learning activity should take NO MORE than 30 minutes. I do not expect pieces to be finished, unless it is a piece of work sent from school to be finished at home.