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Fine motor skills activities

Fine motor skill activities to try at home:


Cutting spaghetti

Unlocking locks with keys

Putting elastic bands around cups or bottles

Making Playdough hedgehogs by pinching spikes

Putting lids on Tupperware pots

Collect small objects that fit into an ice cube tray

Clipping pegs onto card

Writing with a paint brush in salt, flour, sand

Putting Lego together

Threading string through cardboard

Putting Cheerios on cocktails sticks

Putting paper clips on card

Folding paper

Using Syringes to transfer water between cups

Finger printing or painting with cotton buds

Printing with Lego blocks

Posting money into small jars or a money box

Screwing nuts onto bolts

Scrunching tin foil strips


Picking up objects with tweezers


Pegging the washing out


Make pasta snakes


Make button patterns


Matching alphabet stickers on to letters


Rescue pom poms from a webbed tape tupperware box


Make bead necklaces


Make letters in , shaving foam, sand, soil, water, rice etc...