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Can I name different school subjects in French?

The aim for the end of the term is to be able to name a subject and say what time you study it.. in French! Phew! You are now hopefully more confident at time-telling. Can you remember different subjects in French? Some are easier to guess than others (les maths, les sciences..)

Take care as some are feminine and some are masculine.. and some are plural!

I have attached a powerpoint this week so you can hear! Have a go at these and the activity on the Powerpoint!

There is also an excellent BBC Bitesize website on school and subjects. You do not have to do the entire page.. just up to 'Talking about your favourite subject.' Click on the link below:

Extension: Write a sentence using your subject knowledge using our previous knowledge of 'j'aime' (I like), 'j'adore' (I love), je déteste (I hate) and je n'aime pas (I don't like). 

Don't forget: et (and), mais (but)...

Subjects in French

French Powerpoint updated