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Term 1 - Ancient Egyptian Cat Masks

Term 1 - DT - a system to help build the pyramids

Term 2 - Dance

Term 2 - Kic Theatre

Diwali Lamps

Investigating how light travels

Poetry - listening for sounds to inspire our poetry

Term 2 - Shadow Puppet Theatres - investigating how shadows can be changed.
Kic Theatre - It's Panto time!
Christmas - Carol Singing between Year 3 and Year 6
Term 4
Forest School Day - such a fun and exciting day! 
In our first week back we made rain sticks as part of our Weather topic and DT. We listened carefully to the sound they made.

Making 3D shapes from nets

Term 6 - Papier Mache helmets for Anglo Saxon work

Dyeing with natural materials just like the Anglo Saxons!

Painting our Anglo Saxon shields

Anglo Saxon Rune Writing

Tri Golf