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Gallery - Term 1

Week 1 (beginning Wednesday 2nd September)

This week we got down to business! We have already begun discussing what we would like to achieve in Year 6 and how we can become role models for the school. In Maths we have already started our place value unit, revising numbers to one million... next week we get onto ten million! Now we all know the importance of a place value grid! In English we planned and began to write our dreamcatcher poems - what would we catch and what would we welcome?! We even visited our outdoor classroom this week and made our very own outdoor dreamcatchers using sticks we found, string, wool, feathers and beads! 


Week 2: Week beginning Monday 7th September

This week we wrote more dream poetry and applied our knowledge of collective and abstract nouns. Who knew a group of sharks is a 'shiver of sharks?!' We also linked to our dream topic with some dream art and writing about our likes/ dreams in French. In Maths we continued with place value including rounding.

In Science we created our own classification keys using North American animals and in Geography we found out about different countries in the Amazing Americas.

This week we also presented our House Captain speeches (see the House Captain page for videos). 


Week 3: Week beginning Monday 14th September

Another busy week this week... with the House Captain videos completed, we voted! 

In English we explored our dream text by acting it out and developing our expanded noun phrases, adverbials, relative clauses... to name a few! We also had a go at writing flashbacks with some emotional results!

In Maths we began our new unit and consolidated our written methods for addition and subtraction before solving problems including finding missing digits!

In P.E we continued our circuit training... and all got involved!

In Science we put our thinking caps on and found out about the Linnaeus classification. We even attempted to find species that are as closely related as possible! In Geography we developed our Google Earth skills and looked at features such as the lines of longitude and latitude.

Finally... in Art we created our own Starry Night landscapes based on Van Gogh - we just now need to add a watercolour wash!

Circuit training

Exploring our dream text

Week 4: Week beginning Monday 21st September.

This week we celebrated the election of our new House Captains. We done to all those involved. We were really impressed by the excellent team spirit and we are already thinking about other roles that might be carried out in the school.

In English we began writing our flashback stories and achieved tense shifts.. phew!

In Maths we consolidated our written methods for multiplication and developed our reasoning skills. We realised just how important those x tables are and how they appear a LOT in Maths... not just when carrying out long multiplication!

In our Big Question lessons we created our own animals based on the Linnaeus system and we even had a go at coming up with Latin names for them! We explored the U.S states and Google Earth.. who knew that each of the 50 states has its own state bird, flower, etc? In art we finished our watercolour washes for our Starry Night pictures and developed ideas for our Chagall inspired art. What detailed artists we have in Year 6!


Exploring Google Earth

Week 5 (Week beginning Monday 28th September)

This week we have mastered our multiplication skills and moved onto division. We solved problems that required us to round up or down for problem solving and found different possibilities within problem solving work too. In English we have invented and written our own dream flashback stories. We developed our editing skills and are very proud of the results!

In Science we improved our fair test investigation skills and chose our own questions for a micro-organism lesson. In art we finished our very surreal Chagall dream pictures and became art critics! (Art painting pictures to follow.. when dry!) In geography we became climatologists and worked out the climates of different locations using the Koppen Scale. What a broad range of skills we have developed this week! Wow!

Koppen research

Week 6: Week beginning Monday 5th October

This week we have been developing our expanded written method for long division - does McDonalds sell cheese burgers?! In English, we began our persuasive writing unit and explored persuasion through outdoor drama activities. We also strengthened our emotive language through writing activities. In art we developed our perspective skills... such concentration! The results are incredible and we are looking forward to finishing these off next week. In geography we went on a village field trip and enhanced our ordnance survey skills, looked at human and physical features, as well as comparing the modern-day village with photographs from the 1950s, for example. In French we have been combining our knowledge of the days of the week with sports to write our own sentences. We have also been reflecting on Black History Month. We have been focusing on Martin Luther king, in particular, and interpreted his 'I have a dream' speech through our own illustrations and prayers. 

'I have a dream' interpretations

Week 7: Week beginning Monday 12th October

This week we had a big problem solving focus and developed our understanding of common factors, multiples, prime factors and square and cube numbers. In English, we have written our own persuasive speeches, inspired by Martin Luther King Junior. We then developed and evaluated our presenting skills. In science we looked at and discussed our mould results from our 2-week long investigation and looked at the affect of yeast with balloons! Fair testing is very important!!! In geography we researched a natural 'wonder' of our choice in North America... from the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls. Thursday was a day that all the children felt especially proud of themselves... for some taking the Kent Test and for others having a really successful day problem solving! Well done! No wonder we added so many jigsaw pieces to our reward puffin!

Persuasive activities

Week 8: Week beginning Monday 19th October

This final week has been a shorter one... but a busy one! For Maths and reading we completed our end of term assessments. In English, we wrote our final persuasive speeches, writing what we would do if we were to stand for President or Prime Minister. We definitely have some politicians in the making!! We took part in a Zoom call with a BBC musician called Ed.. what fun! (Even if some of us did think the call was going to be with Ed Sheeran!!!) We developed warming up strategies and even attempted some body percussion as a class! Due to the huge time difference between California and our country, we ended up watching videos from a friend in San Diego in California who showed us around his city and we compared it to where we live! This week we also rehearsed for our Remembrance Service that was then filmed on Thursday outside the church. (The video will be going onto the school website soon). We were all really proud of our speaking skills when reading WW1 poetry in groups.. what an improvement! Also, well done to those children who wrote and presented their own remembrance prayers. Finally, we celebrated harvest in class and came up with different Harvest prayers. What an amazing term it has been! We all deserve a half-term break now!!!!

Zoom call with a BBC musician

Video messages from San Diego, CA

Remembrance Service filming

Some of our Harvest prayers...