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Gallery - Term 2

Week 1 Term 2: Week beginning Monday 2nd November

Our first week back has been a busy one! We began our one-week WW1 topic 'Why do we remember?' This involved us reading, planning and writing WW1 poetry. To help us with our ideas, we spent some time with Ian from KIC, pretending that we were in the trenches. We learnt a lot and it really helped us with our empathy. We ended the week in the outdoor area, performing and evaluating our poems.

In Maths we began our fractions topic.. from converting between improper and mixed fractions to finding equivalents and simplifying! 

This week we began our body percussion, inspired by Ed from our BBC Zoom session. Some of us have already begun composing our own in a CANON formation and we look forward to developing these this term!

In History, we linked WW1 to our local history by writing a diary entry as Walter Tull (who was born in Folkestone) and developed our WW1 vocabulary.

In art we created WW1 silhouettes (pictures pending... the watercolour sunsets are drying!) 

To watch our Remembrance Service.... 


KIC theatre

Still image for this video
Digging the trenches!

Week 2: Week beginning Monday 9th November

This week we have continued with our fraction topic in Maths and applied our equivalence knowledge to addition and subtraction of fractions.

In English we began our Victorian narrative unit and looked at a Victorian story with a twist in the outdoor classroom. Our suspense techniques have really developed now and we practised using dialogue integrated with action! Dynamic dialogue! We then ended the week by planning our own stories ready for next week and linking our ideas to computing.

In P.E we have been developing our dodging skills ready for tag rugby next week. We have started to lead our own warm up and cool down activities.. well done Georgia for leading this week!

In history we have started our Victorian topic and thought about our local history. We studied census returns for 1851 and 1901.. it was tricky at first but we got used to the handwriting! We were shocked by the differences including the change in occupations! Who knew what a porter was?! It was interesting to see the change in jobs because of the train station!

In science we learnt the different scientific symbols for electrical components and drew circuits for our partners to then create.

In music we began composing our own body percussion and used crotchets, quavers, rests.... who knew there was such a strong link between music and maths?!

A huge well done to year 6 for the Remembrance Service which the school watched on Wednesday too.



Outdoor story telling

On the field....

Week 3: Week beginning Monday 16th November

This week our collective worship sessions were very different as we had a Zoom call with other schools around Kent with a scientist from Canterbury Christ Church University. We found out about the link between Maths and music, as well as finding out about light which links to our Big Question. In Science we investigated how the length of wires can affect bulb brightness and tried out different ways to measure this! Some ways were more successful than others!

In Maths we have continued with fractions but also linked our Maths to our Big Question History work. We created pie charts and comparative bar charts linked to our research and were really proud of the results!

In English we innovated our Victorian spooky stories... ready to invent our own next week! We developed our dialogue by including techniques such as dashes for hesitation and interruption. 

In History we found out why workhouses were so terrible in the Victorian times (perhaps giving us inspiration for our stories in English). In P.E we used the rugby balls to practise our passing skills.

In Music we rehearsed our compositions and in computing we finished planning our trailers with IMovie.. we are really looking forward to recording these next week (maybe in costume??!) We also have a very different day coming up next week....

Zoom call with a scientist

Week 4: Week beginning Monday 23rd November

This week we experienced what life was like for children in the Victorian era! What a day is was... we had some very strict lessons covering the 3 Rs where we were put on the spot with our times tables and did our very best handwriting on slates with chalk! Who knew we could be so neat?!! We learnt a school motto (Good, better, best...) and had to finish the well-known proverbs (some children came up with some funny responses!) Some children even were given (requested!!!) the hat!!! Oh dear! Girls and boys had to play separately/ line up separately/ were separated in class... but the sitting in rows was nothing new!

Our victorian class

Tag rugby... passing skills

Week 5: Week beginning Monday 30th November

This week we began our non-fiction information writing and by popular demand, began planning our own monster information texts for our 'darkness' part of our Big Question. We came up with some inspiring ideas to form part of a 'Monsterology' book!

In Maths we completed our final fraction lessons... finding fractions of amounts, as well as using the inverse to work out the original number.

On Tuesday we had a FANTASTIC D.T day where we created Christmas inspired controllable vehicles! We used the saws to create a frame and applied our scientific knowledge for the pulley system. We put the fact that the cars were controlled unassisted with a battery and raced them at the end of the day! Some worked better than others but we had so much fun! We realised the importance of resilience, good team work and evaluating throughout the process!

Our Christmas controllable vehicles

One of the winners....

Still image for this video

Week 6: Week beginning Monday 11th December

A busy penultimate week this week which included assessment week and a question and answer session with a brave Mr Day! There were some fantastic questions.. future journalists! Oh and great intro music!

We were part of a Zoom session that the BBC had organised with Chester Zoo - and were thrilled to get a mention at the bottom of the screen!

We also came up with our own modern script for the shepherd scene as part of our school collaboration creating a year 6 nativity. We created Christingles this week too and filmed our part in the key stage 2 service outside... beautiful! We made a top secret present so will only be sharing pictures of the start of that process!

Next week is our final week of the term... more Christmas fun to come!! Yay!

Week 7: Week beginning Monday 14th December

Our final school week until Christmas! We had a lot of fun this week - especially on the last day - by playing games, quizzes and even Secret Santa present opening with hot chocolate! This week we also sang carols outside the Year 3 class and heard them sing outside our window! We also sang outside Mrs D'cruz's window too and said a sad farewell to her on Friday! The class took part in a very emotional Zoom with the rest of the school to say farewell which including dancing, rapping, poems, prayers.. and our class mash up of goodbye songs! Mrs D'cruz has been an inspirational part of our school team and we will really miss her! 

Christmas games

Zoom for Mrs D'cruz

Carol singing for Year 3 and Mrs D'cruz

Quiz time