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Week Beginning 18th January


We have an exciting new way of learning, interacting and connecting starting this week! Seesaw will help promote children's independence and motivation while offering me a way to feedback and praise the learning. It isn't meant to put on any pressure or make any more work for parents. Hopefully, once everyone is used to using it, things will become easier. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!


Planning this Week

As it is the first week trying out Seesaw, there is a blend of resources on the website and tasks through Seesaw. On the weekly outline plan some boxes are shaded blue which means the task is on Seesaw. If the box has a white background, then any resources are on the website as usual. I don't want to overwhelm everyone with too many Seesaw tasks until we are all used to it.


Seesaw Tasks

When you first log on you should see this task. One of the big benefits of Seesaw is the ability to audio record so when you click 'play instructions' there is a little introduction from me. Hopefully, this will allow the children to be more independent with their learning once they are used to the program.

Please complete this task when you get the chance. Once the tick button is pressed, the task will be submitted to me. I can then provide feedback which will come in the form of a 'like', a written comment or an audio comment. Feedback won't always be instantaneous, but I will aim to make it timely. 


Daily Tasks

Tasks are scheduled to appear at 7.00 AM on the morning they are planned for. So you won't see Monday's phonics and maths task until Monday morning. I don't expect tasks to be completed on the day they appear. I fully understand things are difficult and changeable so PLEASE don't feel pressured to complete everything every day. Tasks can be completed the next day or when you have a chance. If you can't manage to do some then don't worry. However, I've tried to make them short and easily accessible to the children.

The tasks you receive are differentiated to the right level for your child. The only people that can see your work are you and me.



I realise there is a lot of new information, and I hope I've managed to cover most of it above. You will also see a folder labeled Seesaw Guide where there are some photo slides to help guide you if needed. It contains things like how to log in, printing, opening links and the outlay of the tasks. Again, please e-mail me with any questions!


Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet


Below are some useful websites to support and extend home learning. They can be accessed by clicking on the images. 

Phonics play has a variety of phonics games and activities. See each week's overview for phonemes we are working on.

Username: march20

Password: home

Oxford Owl has a variety of reading books at many different levels. There are also interactive features and games.
Cbeebies literacy has many literacy activities, videos and stories to access.
Top marks is an excellent resource for phonics, english and maths games. 
Jack Hartmann leads many fun counting and other education songs. We mainly use these videos to practice counting in 1s,2s,5s and 10s whilst having fun and getting active.
White Rose provides the Maths curriculum we follow at school. This link is for the videos for each teaching section. Although I don't use these in the classroom, they cover the same areas of learning. If needed, I will provide the accompanying worksheets.