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Homework (Set every Thursday)

Homework will be weekly and include an English (often grammar task) and Maths activity. For Maths, there will be a strong focus on reasoning (often explaining) and problem solving. This term we will also be using MyMaths due to its popularity. Here, I can comment on scores for immediate feedback.

Codes for both MyMaths and Seesaw have been handed out.

Once a term there will be a more creative task (allowing you time to get any resources if needed!) Homework will be handed out on a Thursday and needs to be returned by Monday. 


Spellings will be covered daily in class for children to then reinforce for homework through weekly activities. There will be occasional spelling tests on a Monday (this will form part of the homework).


Reading and times table practise continue to be of absolute importance! A Year 6 recommended reading list is provided in the reading section as well as V.I.P.E.R.S for comprehension question ideas.

Thursday 21st October

This week the homework over the holidays is OPTIONAL. There are some division activities on MyMaths (pick the challenge that suits you the best).

The first activity is SHORT DIVISION.

The 2nd activity is LONG DIVISION. You may need some scrap paper to use your written method.

Remember: Does McDonald's Sell Burgers and Chips?

There is also a BIDMAS (order of operations) activity if you would like it!

Have a wonderful half-term break! You have all been superstars!

Thursday 14th October

This week there is no SPAG or Maths homework. Instead, I would like you to focus on practising your persuasive writing skills (which we have been using in English this week). Your task is to write a House Captain speech in preparation for next Wednesday! How exciting! Think about what you can offer in your role as House Captain and ideas for the school such as inter-house matches. Remember, it does not have to be solely about sport, there are so many other things you could promote! (See attached letter).

Thursday 7th October

Well done with the amazing homework this week!! We all felt very inspired in assembly!

This week, for English you have a grammar activity all about conjunctions on Seesaw.

For Maths, you will be practising your written methods for multiplication on MyMaths. There are 3 different activities. Please pick the one that is right for you!

Task 1: On the first page of 'short and long multiplication' is short multiplication.

Task 2: On the 2nd page of 'short and long multiplication' is long multiplication.

Task 3 extension challenge: Multiply triple digits.

Thursday 30th September 

This week you have a research project in preparation for Black history Month! (See attached letter). The research can be in any form such as a poster of PowerPoint and you might even get the chance to show it in an assembly!

Thursday 23rd September (to be completed by Monday 27th) 

This week's English homework on SeeSaw is an up-levelling activity on Seesaw:

On MyMaths there are a variety of different activities based on our addition and subtraction methods that we have been using this week.

Mild activity: 





Thursday 16th September (to be completed by Monday 20th)

(You may have been given separate homework. If so, then you do not need to do the following activities).

This week’s homework is a SPAG activity on Seesaw, looking at the PAST perfect tense (think HAD!)


On MyMaths there are 2 negative number activities. Have a go at the 1st activity. If you would like an extension, there is another activity.

Click for the Seesaw link:

Click for the MyMaths link: