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Isolation Activities

Hi Otters, 


If your child/ren have to isolate, outlined below, are some home learning activities and ideas to complete whilst at home. These will be updated weekly and will run alongside coverage of the curriculum within the classroom so that your child/ren are not missing out on the same learning as their peers. 


Please remember, home learning is not expected to be completed if your child is unwell. Rest up and focus on getting better! 


There will be English. Maths and some Wider learning opportunities to complete! Daily reading and practice of times tables should also be encouraged! 


We will also upload some useful website links for you to visit to reinforce spellings and maths games. 


Please contact us via the school office, if you require any extra support! 


Best wishes, Otter Class Team

Week Beginning 2nd November 2020



This week will will be looking at the Sound Collector poem by Roger McGough


Watch him reading his poem: 






Listen to the sounds you can hear inside your house or outside in your garden. Make a list of these sounds. 


Revisit work on similes, Metaphors and Onomatopoeia. 


Can you create phrases/sentences to describe the sounds you heard using examples of similes, metaphors or onomatopoeia? 


Can you create your own sound collector poem using your house or your garden as your theme? 



Year 4 focus this week is measurement. We will be looking at Equivalent Length, Kilometres and Adding and Subtracting lengths. Please feel free to watch the videos and an idea of input into each day's focus and there will be an accompanying worksheet to complete to reinforce knowledge and understanding. 

Monday 9th November 2020



We are beginning our new topic on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl this week. Please feel free to watch it and read through it to support our learning in class. We are looking at characters and descriptions in particular this week. 



We are continuing with our work on Length and Perimeter this week. The main focus is perimeter and there is an end of block assessment that we will complete in class on Friday. 

Monday 16th November



Tuesday - gather words to create a new character for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Wednesday - Use words with the suffix 'ous'.


Thursday - Describe a character in detail


Friday - Edit and improve writing using a thesaurus. 

Wider Learning.

Read  powerpoint about the UK. Work through and discuss features of the four countries of the UK.


Complete worksheets on the UK (labelling and counties).


If time, create a fact file about the UK.

Daily Reading


Children should be encouraged to read daily. Choose a text of choice or book from school and make notes using Reciprocal Reading skills listed below. 

Daily Reading

Useful Websites