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WEEK BEGINNING Monday 1st March

Dear Otters

Only one more week and then we will back together for our learning; I'm sure you are keen to meet up with your friends again. We are really looking forward to seeing you, it seems a long time since Christmas. Some of you may be feeling a bit anxious but nothing in school has changed, a few new displays but the classroom is set up the same. The exciting news is we will be getting a new computer and smart board ,so we won't have see things in green or cover our ears as it makes a loud noise anymore! 

This week we will be continuing to link our learning to Kensuke's Kingdom. If you want to read ahead that is fine, I usually have to read a book in a day once I've started it so I understand if you're like that too and can't put it down. 

You are all doing fantastic with fractions which can be a tricky topic, so well done . Mrs Wilson will be setting more challenges for you this week. 

Remember any problems or you are unsure just let us know and we will sort it out. 


Best wishes, Otter Class Team


Please contact us via the school office, if you require any extra support! Alternatively, email us at:





Term 4 Week 2 Timetable ideas


Power point writing a diary



Look at your spelling list (find your group list in the spelling folder on the class page). Using Term 4 Week 2, can you put each word into a sentence?  Look at the -sure and -ture suffixes on BBC bitesize to extend your knowledge and understanding of this suffix.  Try not to use 'I' or 'my' in your sentences. Try to write a range of sentences: command, questions, exclamation and statements. Good luck! Practice spelling each word using look, cover, say and write strategies. 


You do not need to complete ALL of the worksheets. Find the daily one that suits your maths level the best. If you want to complete all the daily sheets that is also fine. Depending on what device you are using you may be able to save it into paint or use an annotating tool so that you are not printing out reams of paper! You can then screen shot your work and send back via seesaw! I have uploaded the pdf write on versions of the sheets for this week, this may help?



Click on Video link above and watch Fractions of a set of objects 1



Click on video link above and watch Fractions of a set of objects 2

Tuesday's maths


Click on video link and watch calculate fractions of a quantity. 


Wednesday's maths


Click video link and watch Calculate quantities. 


No video today, just some time to revise what we have learned on our fractions topic. 

Remember to log in to Mymaths to complete any challenges that we have set you this week! 

Extend your thinking by completing some reasoning and problem solving questions on Fractions

Wider Learning





Head over to the school closure PE page and complete one of the weekly challenges set there. 

Alternatively, tune in to Joe Wicks' home workouts this week at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Get your day started and motivated with 20mins activity. 

If you complete the catch and clap challenge at home, send me your scores on seesaw so I can submit them to Shepway Games! Chance of a medal possibly!

At school we would be developing our basketball skills with Hi5, practice some skills at home following the programme below.

Reinforce your ball skills at home, use a toilet roll or rolled up socks if you don't have a ball!



Thank you to everyone who has signed up to Duolingo. It has been fantastic to see so many of you having a go at learning a new language. I am beginning to navigate my way around it now! Keep going if you have signed up, if you haven't had chance yet, use the link below to join the class.

If it doesn't work, please email me jwilson@lyminge.kent.sch.uk and I shall send you your own personal log in details. I do hope this makes sense, it is all new to me as well! Sorry! 

Daily Reading


Children should be encouraged to read daily. Choose a text of choice or book from school and make notes using Reciprocal Reading skills listed below. 

 Every week you can listen to a popular story and learn about its author



Daily Reading

Useful Websites