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Remote Learning / Isolation activities

WEEK 3: wb 18th January 2021 

Welcome to another week of Home Learning which you will find all the details of in the Word document below, and as before all the resources are listed here too, including links to websites and additional resources to help practice times tables and spelling. Spellings have been added onto the website for this week too (same spelling groups as before).


We aim to start using our new learning platforms - MyMaths and Seesaw - as soon as possible, and, as with anything, we may all be at different stages whilst we learn how to use these - children, parents and me! Please watch the videos above in the section labelled 'MyMaths and Seesaw Information' above, using the link to the Year 5 class page where Miss Lawless explains how to use these learning platforms which we hope will make home learning more fun and engaging. For this week, I am suggesting we start practising uploading work for me to see and comment on and then the following week I shall set work on Seesaw.  


Please let me know how you get on or if you need support please don't hesitate to contact me via email - kbishopp@lyminge.kent.sch.uk.

I will continue to upload pictures of your home learning  onto our Home Learning Gallery if you email it to me so that we can celebrate your remote learning. You are all doing a fantastic job!


Best wishes to you all,


The Year 3 Team


Zoom - Tuesday and Thursday this week at 9.30am! For Thursday's session we will make the salt dough stone age animals together online. Your child will need to have premade the salt dough beforehand (see recipe and instructions in the Word document as a link).



Other Curriculum Learning
TERM 3 - Week 2 - wb: 11th January 2021

Welcome to Week 2! I have put all the information you need for the whole week in this Word document which you could print (9 pages) if you wanted to or you can just read from the screen. The links are mentioned within it but they are also further down under each day to click on and open up. 

Please note the Zoom details for this week on Wednesday at 9.30am if your child would like to/is able to join us!




Convert pounds and pence HARDER

Converting pounds and pence.

Use the link to pause the video so that you can read pages 16 and 17 in detail for yourself. Look carefully at the pictures before you consider whether you would like to be a child in the Stone Age or not. Remember to give your reasons as to why! 
Big Question / other Curriculum Learning
Please continue to read regularly whilst at home. This is probably THE most important thing you can do. Reading helps us access so many other areas of learning and aspects of life, plus it's really good for your imagination and can be relaxing for lots of people. Use the strategies below shown on the Reciprocal Reading cards which you use in class.

TERM 3 - WEEK 1 - W/B: 4th January 2021



You can also play the game found on the link below related to practising high frequency words. If you are in Red, Blue or Green spelling group please try the Year 3 'Tricky Words 1' option. If you are in either of the Purple spelling groups please try Year 2 'Tricky Words 1' option. We will continue using this game for this week and will work through all the 'Tricky Words', therefore you may wish to practise more than one list of spellings each day. The more you do, the more helpful it will be to you when you are writing. The game works on the 'look, say, cover, write, check' principle. If the Year 3 words are too tricky, try the Year 2, and vice versa. Good luck!

We are beginning a topic on Money in Maths so perhaps you can find some coins at home and practise counting them. Can you make different amounts, such as 35p, 82p, £1.20 or £3.78? Challenge yourself to make increasingly higher amounts using coins. You could draw them out on paper or just do this practically. 

Play the game below to practise your counting skills!

Big Question - Which is better: Stone, Bronze or Iron?


This term our Big Question is centred around the Stone Age. What information can you find out about the Stone Age? You could do some research online (with the support of an adult if that's possible) or read through the attached information and write some notes down. What do you know already about the Stone Age? What interests you? What do you want to find out? We might have a discussion later in the week about what questions you have about the Stone Age and what you would like to find out, so have some questions ready.

Stone Age Fact Cards


Have a go today at deciding whether a word is being used as a noun or a verb. Can you remember what a noun is? What is a verb? Once you are sure you understand the terms, have a go at the worksheet. (One star = easier; 2 stars = medium; 3 stars = harder). 

The answers are also here so check your work afterwards. How did you do?

Now have a go at your high frequency words again as you did yesterday, except choose a different number (eg. if you did 'tricky words 1' yesterday, do 'tricky words 2' today. Good luck!)

For Maths today, we are continuing with money and counting coins. Today the worksheets have a challenge at the bottom also to add the amounts rather than the coins. Try the worksheets and see how you do. If this is too easy, try worksheet 3 and have another go at the game from yesterday (link is below) and increase the amounts. 
In PSHCE we are thinking about Ourselves and Being Ourselves. Today I would like you to think about the idea of New Year Resolutions, or as I like to think about them 'New Year Practices'. They are goals or aims we want to try to achieve in the year ahead. Look at the website link below and watch the video where the children tell you their New Year Resolutions and then scroll down to find out how people around the world celebrate (in usual circumstances), then see if you can complete the balloons with your thoughts and goals for 2021. 

Today we are revising our knowledge of prepositions. Prepositions are words which tell us where things are in relation to the noun or pronoun. A preposition is always followed by a noun or pronoun. For example, 'She arrived after dinner.' 

Look through the PowerPoint and then have a go at the worksheet questions below. Do the GPS Fluency first then the Application and Reasoning after. There are 3 sheets within each of these documents and 'a' and 'b' questions (6 questions per page). The first page of questions are labelled 'D' (Developing) and are easier, then the next page is labelled 'E' (Expected) and the final page is labelled 'GD' (Greater Depth) and is the hardest level. Most children would be expected to achieve the 'Expected' level. Or you could work through all 3 levels, depending how much time you have. But remember there are 2 sheets below to complete.



Today in Maths, I would like you to watch the video (choose from easier or harder today) and then complete the worksheets that go with these and then mark your work yourself using the answer sheet provided. If you went wrong anywhere, try to think about why.

Also today, please practise your times tables (2, 5, 10, 3 and 4s) using Topmarks, Hit the Button link below. What's the highest score you can get for each times table? Aim to beat your scores tomorrow!

In French, we are going to learn colours. Use the image below to practise saying them aloud and try to remember each one as best as you can. Then play the game on the link to test yourself. Go to 'Topics' first, then select 'Colours'. You can go through the 'Lessons' or skip to the 'Games' and choose a game linked to French colours.

Today I would like you to have a go at a reading comprehension activity linked to the Stone Age. There are three different levels (1 star = easiest level; 2 stars = medium and 3 stars= hardest level). 

The answers are also within the document, so check your answers afterwards. 


Use the White Rose video (see link) to support you in answering the worksheet questions. Do the best you can. If the sheet is a bit tricky, why not have a go at making different amounts by drawing different coins on the Toy Shop worksheet instead.

Practise your times tables too please. Can you beat your score from yesterday?

Pounds and pence

This is "Pounds and pence" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


This term our Art is linked to the Stone Age. During the Stone Age time, Neanderthals used cave walls to share the stories of their time. Watch the National Geographic video to find out more about this time and the art they used to communicate.


Can you practise drawing the animals which were around during the Stone Age? You can use the resource to help you. 

P.E. - Football or Yoga - your choice!

In P.E. our topic would have been Football if we had all been in school. I know that some of you love football and so if you would like to you can practise the skill of 'dribbling' this week. If the weather is good you could do practise this afternoon outside, or if it isn't great perhaps you could try over the weekend. Make sure you have enough space and you have room around you so that you won't trip over anything or bash into anything! 


Could you create an obstacle course where you need to dribble in and out and around objects. The idea of dribbling remember is to keep the ball close to your feet; keeping it under control at all times. Gradually increase your speed as you gain confidence and become more competent. You must also try to keep looking up so that you are aware of where you are going and know who you would pass to if you were playing in a game.

What other football skills do you have? Perhaps you could practise these too.

If Football isn't your thing, why not try some Yoga? The link attached takes you through some simple yoga moves for children (and adults can join in too if they're free). Relax and enjoy :)