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L.I: To multiply whole numbers by decimals.

Multiplying decimals input

Still image for this video
Look closely for the date errors!!!

You will need to access MyMaths for this lesson. Click on the 'multiplying decimals' lesson that has been prepared for you. 

Multiplying decimals extension sheet


L.I: To divide decimal numbers by whole numbers.


To divide with decimals

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Date errors again.. what am I like?!

Again, today we are using MyMaths. Click on the 'dividing decimals' lesson or a different one if that has been assigned to you.

Decimal division mastery extension (if required)


L.I: To convert fractions into decimals.


Converting tips

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I have the date right today!

Wednesday extension


To convert fractions into decimals (continued)

Thursday extension


L.I: To assess what I know (Decimal overview)

Decimal revision

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Get ready for the whistle-stop tour through division before the end of unit assessment! Hold on tight!!!!
Have a go at the end of unit decimal assessment. Let me know your results via Seesaw if you are especially proud with your score or if you feel like you have really achieved a personal goal!

How about a mental activity with decimals? Try Double Jeopardy either against the computer or other people.