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This week are topic is percentages!

Monday 25th January

L.I: To convert fractions into percentages.



To convert fractions into percentages

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Get a pencil and paper ready and remember that you can stop the video to answer questions at any time!
Today we will be using the White Rose resources...

Tuesday 26th January

L.I: To find F.D.P equivalents

Tuesday's F.D.P video

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Click on the link below to access the MyMaths activity.

The activity is 'Fraction, decimal, percentages 1.'

If you require an extension, I have also included 'Fraction, decimal, percentages 2' but it is not essential.

Wednesday 27th January

L.I: To find percentages of an amount.

Wednesday's percentage video

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Today, again, the activities are on MyMaths. The activity is 'Percentages of amounts.'

If you want an extension, there is another activity included: 'Fractions, percentages OW' but this is only if you have time left or want an extra challenge.

Thursday 28th January

L.I: To find percentages fo amounts (continued)

Thursday's percentages of amounts continued

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This includes more challenging %s as well as a quick introduction to % reductions.

This lesson, again on MyMaths, is to now find more challenging percentages of amounts and has the title 'Percentages of amounts 2'.

There is an extension activity: 'Percentages OW' if needed.

Friday 29th January

L.I: To find missing values using my percentage knowledge.

Click below to get to the White Rose video:

Ending the topic with White Rose.. see the attached documents below.

Fraction, decimal, percentage game: