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Monday 1st February

L.I: To assess what I know about percentages

We are beginning the week with a percentage end of unit assessment (worksheet below). Let me know how you get on.. you could send me a note/ recorded message on Seesaw. If there are any questions you are uncertain about I have included an answer sheet and also have made a whistle-stop video through percentages for you.. fasten your % seatbelts!

Monday's maths video

Still image for this video

Extension sheet: Finding more challenging %s of amounts

Tuesday 2nd February

L.I: To solve problems using substitutions.

Tuesday's video

Still image for this video
Have a look at some of my tips before tackling the problem... Send your results to Seesaw so I can have a look!

Answer sheet - no peeking until you have tested out your solutions!

There is an extension on MyMaths as I know that it is very popular with the majority of the class!

Click on 'Introduction to algebra.'

Wednesday 3rd February

L.I: To find a rule.

Let's start our algebra... apologies for the missing apostrophes below! 


Wednesday's maths video

Still image for this video

After the video, have a go at this MyMaths activity called 'Using function machines':

Thursday 4th February

L.I: To form expressions.

White Rose today to mix it up a bit.. I like to keep you on your toes! 🦶

Video (click on the link below):

Friday 5th February

L.I: To use substitutions (continued from the problem solving on Monday)

Friday's substitution video

Still image for this video

After watching the video, have a go at the activity on MyMaths called 'substitution.'

If you find the negative numbers in section 2 too challenging, have a go at the zoo substitution activity! I enjoyed it a lot.. hope you do too! Message me with your animal answers!

Create a zoo using algebra substitutions

Extension activities:

Did you like the emoji algebra? Click on the link below.. 😀

Problem solving extension