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Newton Class Y6 - Mr Fox and Mrs Clayton


Dear parents, 


Welcome to the new school year, and the newly formed year six. 


Our new teacher (Mr.Fox) is a really skilled teacher, and can be quite strict at the right time. Year six can be a very stressful year (because there is the Kent Test, SATs and it's the last year of primary school), but is definitely one of the most fun years of primary school- if you work hard!


We are all really looking forward to our school trips to Arethusa, London and our France! We are also looking forward to the Year 6 play, but what we're doing is still a secret!


On this webpage you can find pictures of our activities and achievements in our gallery, Mr. Fox's plans for the school year, Home Learning activities and resources and a link to our class blog.


From Year 6

(written by Perry, Mark, Connor, Keon and Jaimie)