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Big Questions


This year we will continue to use 'big questions' as a stimulus for our learning across a range of subjects in Year 5. We have created a range of questions that enable us to cover the statutory guidance of The National Curriculum, whilst working as a hook to engage the learning of our class. In addition to these questions, pupils are also given the opportunity at the beginning of each term to put forward sub-questions to the class, considering what they would like to learn more about and why. These big questions are used to inform our class planning, promoting a positive learning community where pupils feel that their questions are valued and explored. This means that these questions are subject to change, in active response to the learning of the children. Planning webs will be uploaded to this page prior to teaching.

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Our lessons are informed by a learning intention that is communicated and discussed with the children within every subject. Pupils are encouraged to reflect upon their understanding of every learning intention, self-assessing their work using the traffic light method. Children are assessed informally against each learning intention, allowing the teacher to know which areas pupils require support or extension with. 


Children are also assessed formally using the schools data tracking system 'Target Tracker', enabling teachers to identify and address any gaps in knowledge that have not yet been demonstrated by a pupil.