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Star Qualities!


I want you to think of all the positive qualities about yourself - you can ask others too! Try not to focus on appearance but more on interests, achievements, talents and personal qualities such as being resilient for example. Write all of them within the star template (or create your own) and read these positive qualities everyday for at least a week to remind yourself of what an amazing person you are smiley You can decorate your star however you wish, you could even do both and make it a double sided star - perhaps draw pictures of things you love doing or your favourite things such as a pet or a place you like to visit or someone important to you. Bring them into school when you are back and we can hang them up in the classroom!


Questions to think about...


How does it make us feel when others say positive things about us?

Do these messages from others stay with us?

Do you know any characters in texts you have read who have positive qualities? How do they use these in the text?

How can you use your positive qualities in your life?