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School Councillors conducted their first Class Council Meetings at the start of Term 2.


They began by asking the children several key questions to work out what priorities the School Council needed to address first.


These phrases and words were turned into Wordles. The bigger the word the more frequently it was mentioned. The Wordles represent the views of all age groups in the school.

Question: What do you love about our school?


Question: Do you feel safe in school?


The children responded to the question 'Do you feel safe in school?'. The responses were 'wordled' and are shared below. It is worth noting that while the vast majority said an unambigous 'yes', some children said no and explained why. Those responses are included. In order to avoid confusion, those responses start with 'No - ' followed by the reason for their worry. All other words are the reasons given for feeling safe.



Question: How can we make the school better?


The final question was 'How can we make the school better?'. These responses have been Wordled, and have also formed the basis for the first agenda of the School Council, to be held later in Term 2.