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Reading, Spelling and Times Tables

Reading - every night


Below I have put links to sites which have many suggestions for excellent texts for Year 6 children to read. The richer the language the more your children will grow in their ability to both read and write. Challenge is good, especially if they are reading with an interested older person (parent, sibling, grandparent, family friend).



I have included two lists of spellings.




List 1 below (Year 5/6) is taken directly from the National Curriculum. It is expected that all Year 6 children should be able to recognise these words when reading, spell them, know their uses and meanings and use them accurately in their writing.




I have also attached the Year 3/4 list for children who find spelling difficult. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Times Tables


Below is an image of a Times Table Grid to help children if they get stuck.


I have also attached some timed quizzes which can be used as a beat-the-clock activity. Use the same sheet each time, but try to get a) a higher score right each time and b) a quicker time each time. The aim is to eventually get them all right in the fastest time possible.

Picture 1