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Term 1: Could a Hippo be Happy on the Moon?

Week 7

This week we have been reading ‘Hidden Figures’ by Margot Lee Shetterly to learn more about the lives of Dorothy Vaughnan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Christine Darden. We have learned about the important role they played in the development of space exploration and discussed the importance of celebrating the achievements of everybody equally; regardless of race or gender. 
In maths this week, we have applied our knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve inverse calculations and multi-step word problems. We have also begun our new unit looking at statistics.

In English, we have been writing space-themed limericks which has been lots of fun!

It’s been a busy but wonderful term. We hope that everyone has a super half term break! 

Black History Month: Hidden Figures

Week 6

This week Year 5 have worked incredibly hard to complete all of our PiXL assessments for maths, reading and SPAG. These will help us to identify areas to focus on in class and we are so proud of everyone for trying their best. We earned some treat time on Friday afternoon which was very well deserved. 

In science this week we completed a sundial experiment! We observed the shadows cast on our sundial each hour and observed the movement as the day went on. We have learned about the Earth's rotation and how this gives us day and night. In music this week we have learned to read and use 'rests' when playing our recorder. In French we have recapped our numbers, writing sentences to talk about the number of moons on each planet! In computing we had a go at some space coding on Scratch and in D.T we have been making our own planets with balloons and papier mache to construct a whole class solar system!

Science: Our Sundial Experiment

D.T: Making the solar system!

Assessments complete... time for a treat!

Week 5

This week was exciting - it was world space week! The theme this year was 'women in space'!

In Science, we enjoyed taking part in a live lesson hosted by the BBC where we learned about how craters are formed on the moon. We also visited satellites in space and saw what the Earth would look like from all the way up there! In art, Year 5 created their own satellite drawings.

In maths this week we have been looking at our formal methods for addition and subtraction, applying our calculations to solve word-problems. 

In English we have completed our discussion texts all about whether humans should venture into space or not...

In computing we have been looking at how to research effectively using the iPads and QR codes.

We learned how to play 'Mary had a Little Lamb' on the recorder this week, how to describe the planets in French and enjoyed some competitive games of football and basketball in P.E!

Science: World Space Week!

Maths: Column Methods (Addition and Subtraction)

Computing: Research Methods

P.E: Basketball Skills with Hi-5

Week 4

Year 5 can now play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder using notes B, A and G! We sound amazing and will be ready for the recorder olympics in no time! 

This week in maths we have been ordering and comparing numbers to one million and working on our problem solving.

In English, we have been identifying the features of discussion texts and learning about how to write a balanced argument. We are looking forward to planning and writing our own next week about whether humans should (or shouldn't!) travel to space. 

In art we have been creating space doodles, in French we discussed our future and in computing we have developed our formatting skills using Microsoft Publisher. 


Music: Hot Cross Buns!

Art: Space Doodles

Week 3

This week we had a very special visit! The Astronomy Roadshow visited us with an inflatable planetarium and Year 5 had the most amazing afternoon inside! We saw constellations, planets in orbit and travelled through galaxies! It was incredible and we had some great questions answered too! 

In maths this week we have been working with 7 digit numbers. We have applied our knowledge of place value to some tricky problem solving activities and sequence solving.

In English, we completed our stories! We edited our work and then typed up our final drafts very professionally! In Art, we experimented with mixing colours to create galaxy themed front covers. 

In science we learned about the phases of the moon and applied our learning to a tasty group activity! 

We have mastered the B, A and G notes in our recorder playing! We are getting really good now! 

In P.E we developed our skills in football with Mr. Day and our defence skills in basketball with Hi-5!

Science: A very special visit!

Science: Tasty phases of the moon!

English: Typing up our completed stories!

Art: Mixing colours to express mood for our amazing front covers!

PSHE: Our first Jigsaw lesson

Week 2

This week in maths we have been rounding, ordering and comparing numbers with up to 6 digits.

In English, we have begun writing our space stories which are off to a fantastic start - we look forward to finishing these next week!

In history we have been looking at the history of space travel and created our own space timelines. We have learned about key events through time and also discussed what may happen in the future!

We were lucky to be visited by a team of analog astronauts via zoom this week who were able to share their experiences of training in a space centre. We had LOTS of questions for them and enjoyed learning new things! 

In music we have mastered the A note on the recorder! We can now play a song using B and A together - super job Year 5! 

In P.E we have continued to develop our football and basketball skills and had fun playing some defending games.

History: Space Travel Timelines

Teamwork & Problem Solving: Space Rockets

Art: Using Oil Pastels in the Style of Peter Thorpe

PE: Basketball Skills with Hi-5

Science: Our Zoom Visit From Analog Astronauts!

Week 1

Year 5 have had an amazing first week of learning! They have really impressed us with how hard they have been working - well done! 

This week in maths, we have been recapping our understanding of place value, working with numbers up to 6 digits. In English, we have been reading 'The First Hippo on the Moon' by David Walliams. We have recapped our understanding of common and proper nouns, as well as how to use inverted commas to punctuate speech. We are looking forward to planning and writing our own space stories next week!

In our Big Question work we have been learning all about our Solar System. We can order the planets from the sun and know lots about each one! 

We have been looking at space artist Peter Thorpe in Art and have created our own rocket pictures using oil pastels. They look amazing!

We have been REALLY proud of Year 5 and their recorder playing this week! We have mastered note B and have learned to play TWO songs! :) 

In P.E, Year 5 enjoyed football with Mr. Day and basketball skills with Hi-5!

A super week! Enjoy the weekend Year 5! :)

Art: Peter Thorpe Style Space Art

PE: Basketball Skills with Hi5