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Week 7

This week is our final week at school and another busy one! In Maths we looked at square and cube numbers, prime numbers and the order of operations using BIDMAS to help us! In English we put our persuasive skills to action and, having researched Walter Tull, wrote persuasive letters for the Secretary of Defence in support of a posthumous Military Cross for Tull. We were really inspired this week! As part of Black History Month, we also drew our Black History Heroes and came up with slogans for our role models!

In P.E, having finished our rugby unit, we enjoyed a very competitive Capture the Flag with some new rules and surprises!! We also got to plant our bulbs this week and performed our music scores and evaluated! Those children who wanted to also got to run for House Captain this week. The time and effort that went into the presentations for homework was astounding and I am so proud of each child that stood up and gave it a go! Everyone should be incredibly proud of themselves and those that were not successful must remember that there are other responsibilities in Year 6 that they might have the chance to do! What an amazing first term!

Some of our musical compositions

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House Captain Elections


Week 6

This week we started our expanded method for long division. Does McDonald's sell burgers and chips?! We began our persuasive writing topic and, inspired by Martin Luther king Jr, we wrote our own dream speeches. We have finished our scores in music, ready to evaluate next week. In Science we found out the results of our mould experiment.. some bread was EXTREMELY mouldy! In P.E we took part in a mini tag rugby tournament and were impressed by how much we have come on! In French we developed our sentence work, writing about what we do and when we do it. We also researched a hero for Black History Month, finding out about the life of Walter Tull. We also got to enjoy an amazing morning out at the Hawthorne Trenches in Elham. We experienced what a trench is like - both from the British and German sides, as well as No man's Land. We also got to look at WW1 artefacts and enjoy being outside at such a wonderful location! Thank you to all the parents who helped out! In PSHE, we have been exploring our dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations and celebrated these my making decorative bunting for our activity area. We also considered our fears and worries and talked about these (if we felt able to) and then we took them to our outdoor area and thought about these (whilst toasting marshmallows!). Then we brunt our worries and fears away in the fire. In RE, we have been learning all term about Islam and this week we have been considering some of the commandments from the Qur'an. We acted these out in groups and decided how these still applied today.


Outdoor classroom

Drama activities

Week 5

This week has been yet another busy one! In Maths we have been practising our written methods for long multiplication and short division. We have also been working on our mental methods, deciding when it is better to work an answer out mentally or with jottings instead of a formal method. In English we wrote our final dream stories independently with great results! On Thursday afternoon we have had a trip to the library (thanks to Joshua's mum!) to celebrate national Poetry Day and handed over our poems. The children really enjoyed reminiscing whilst sitting on the carpet and choosing a 'younger' story to have read to them!! Ha! We have also been checking our mould for our science investigation and thought about why bread rises by watching the affect of yeast when added to warm water and sugar... we enjoyed watching to see whose balloon inflated the first! They didn't pop much to the disappointment of the class! In art we finished our 'worm's eye view' by painting and evaluating. In P.E we have developed our attacking and defending skills, ready to play a mini tournament next week! In music we have been putting our ostinato rhythms and choruses together by arranging a score in groups. In Geography we have compared our locality with a locality in North America, watching and taking notes of Mrs Hoad's friend from San Diego who told us all about the geographical features of where he lives! We are now looking forward to our trip next week... phew!

Library visit for National Poetry Day

Learning about San Diego

Micro-organisms experiment

Week 4

This week Year 6 have coped amazingly well with the assessments we have been doing as part of our new PiXL assessment and Star reading and maths. In the long run, it means that we will gain an even deeper insight into areas that the children need help with! Aside from tests, we have been preparing for Harvest by applying our perspective skills to Harvest art. We have also written a flashback dream story based on the Dream Giver, developing our editing skills! In Maths we have revised written methods for multiplication. In Science we developed our investigative skills, choosing our own questions to investigate mould growth as part of our 'living things' topic by looking at micro-organisms! We are looking forward to checking this each day! In French we have developed our sentence work by detailing the sports we play. In Music we orchestrated choruses as part of our Aaron Copland topic and are working on our teamwork skills. In P.E we have enjoyed tag rugby on the field and are really improving! We even began looking at the offside rule! 

Some of our perspective pictures for HARVEST

The next stage of our 'worm's eye view'...

Chorus time....

Week 3

This week we began our narrative unit in English based on dream stories. Year 6 wrote amazing flashbacks, using the past perfect tense to help! In Maths we began our unit on the 4 operations, revising written methods for addition and subtraction, as well as practising our mental methods. We also began our PiXL assessments - we are really proud of the Puffins' excellent attitude! In Science we used the Linnaean System to create our own species. Who knew 'panthera' meant roaring cat?! In Geography we compared climates (which is NOT the same as weather!) in the Americas and learnt about the relationship between climate and latitude.. wow! In P.E we have developed our tagging skills in rugby and in Music we learnt syncopated rhythms with our newly acquired glockenspiels! In French we covered our likes and dislikes and formed sentences using conjunctions to help us! Très bien!

Week 2

This week we have completed our poetry unit with amazing results! Year 6 really went out of their zone of comfort and chose adventurous word choices! Well done! In Maths we have finished our place value topic and are now rounding experts! In P.E we have begun to use rugby balls and developed our passing skills - backwards! In Music we have been using pitched percusssion focusing on the notes A, B, E, D and developing our 'call and response.' In Science we used the Linnaean System as a more precise way of classifying and came up with funny mnemonics to remember! In Geography we have been comparing locations in North America finding differences including the lines of latitude and longitude co-ordinates. In Art we have finished our final dream pieces based on Chagall's artwork! We love the results!

Call and Response

Week 1

Our first full week back has been a busy one! It has been lovely to start having roles in the class including helping with assemblies and collecting house points! We have started our place value unit in Maths and been developing our workings out! In English we have started our poetry unit based on a dream theme! We have been brave with our vocabulary choices and our proud of the results! In Science we have been creating our own classification systems and in Geography we have used the computers to locate countries in North America - there are far more than just the U.S! At the end of the session we tried to remember the states in the U.S - one child in our class was very very useful! In Music we have been appraising the music of Aaron Copland and creating our own 8 beat gestures/ body rhythms to go with the music! In Art and design we have evaluated the work of Chagall and used his ideas as a starting point to inspire our own dream sketches. Look out for the final pieces next week! 

Science classifying

Locating countries