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Week 1: How Can I Make a Difference?

To begin our Big Question topic of 'How Can I Make a Difference?' Class 4 thought about 'How Can We Spread Kindness Around the School?' We decided that we would write positive messages on pebbles which we then hid around the school hoping that they might make a difference! We also came up with ideas for our 'Random Acts of Kindness' display such as 'pay a compliment to somebody' or 'encourage someone that is feeling lonely to play with you at playtime.' Each child in Year 4 has picked a random act to accomplish! Our target for random acts of kindness is a huge 50! Hopefully we will achieve this by the end of the term!


Our Kindness Pebbles

Our Kindness Pebbles 1
Our Kindness Pebbles 2

Week 2: How Can We Save a Life?

As part of our Big Question, we decided that saving a life was one of the most important ways that we could make a difference. We began our First Aid lessons with the recovery position in the hall. If we are able to complete each lesson, we will end up with a certificate and, more importantly, will have gained life saving skills!

Week 3

This week we completed our dilemma stories and were really pleased with how well we used A CAP! (Adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs and powerful verbs). In our First Aid sessions, we learnt about the Primary Survey. We also investigated how long objects take to decompose in Science and created our own questions for an investigation using different amounts of layers of re-usable plastic.

Week 4: How Can We Persuade?

This week we started our persuasive writing. Mrs Hoad pretended that play-times had been banned and we wrote very passionate letters to persuade Mrs D'cruz to change her mind!!!! We also looked at the negative effects of plastic and how it could be entering our food chains.

Persuasive writing

Week 5: How Can We Make a Difference in School?

This week we wrote persuasive letters to persuade Mrs D'cruz, the governors and parents to allow us to have a Single-Use Plastic Free Day at school. We also continued our food chain work by taking our nets to the school pond!

Persuasive Letters

Week 6

This week we began to look at environmental poetry in English. We created graphs on the laptops for Computing by using Excel. We counted how many recyclable and single-use plastic items were used in a week at lunchtimes in the school hall and then used Excel to find out how much plastic would be collected in a month and an academic year. We were shocked by the results!

Picture 1

Week 7: Plastic Free Day!

This week we had our single-use plastic free day which was a big success as you can see from the before and after pictures! We also reached our termly target of 50 random acts of kindness!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3