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Term 2: What does it mean to be wild?

Week Seven


We've had a brilliant final week of term! This week in maths we have been recapping our understanding of coordinates and translation - problem solving to uncover Christmas themed surprises! We have been really busy making and writing Christmas cards, creating some amazing Christmas hats and enjoying some Christmas art which has had us all feeling very festive indeed! We say goodbye to Mr. Saunders now and wish him the best of luck at his next school! 

We would like to wish all the Wildcats and their families a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year! :)

Christmas hats!

Week Six

This week we have been really busy preparing our Christmas performance which has been great fun! We look forward to sharing it with families very soon! 

In maths this week we completed our unit on area and perimeter, learning how to calculate the area and perimeter of compound and irregular shapes. In English, we have been looking at the work of poet Pie Corbett and his use of figurative language. Next week, we will be planning and writing our own! 

We have enjoyed a range of Christmas-themed activities and are getting very excited now! Have a great weekend everybody! 


It's been one whole month since we planted our basil which are still going strong!


Week Five

It was great to be back at school this week after a little pause and to be busy learning in the classroom again. In maths we have been learning about area and perimeter. Year 5 have shown great determination with this and have really impressed us with their problem solving skills.

In English, we completed our 5 day wild writing challenge - using visual prompts to inspire creative writing. Have a read of some of our work below. 

We have learned about animals and their use of colour and camouflage in Science. In computing, we created our own zoo's using Microsoft Excel - we created graphs to illustrate all of our data (how many animals we had and the cost of items at our cafe!) In art, we drew and painted giraffes in the style of Olga Shvartsur and in P.E we enjoyed some competitive matches of benchball where we worked hard on our sportsmanship skills! In PSHE we have discussed the importance of being a good friend, and ways to stop bullying.

A special mention this week to those of you isolating at home who have been working really hard too. It's been great to see your work on Seesaw and we hope to see you really soon!

English: Our wild writing...

Art: In the style of Olga Shvartsur...

Computing: Designing our own zoo on Microsoft Excel

Week Three

It's been another busy week of learning! In maths we have been learning about square and cube numbers which we are REALLY good at now! 

In English we have been writing our explanation texts about the lifecycle of a chosen animal. We look forward to completing these next week. 

We enjoyed a drama workshop with Kik Theatre this week all about conservation and endangered animals. In computing we learned to use Microsoft Excel, inputting data from NASA about the average surface temperature of the Earth and how this has changed over time. We used the data to create a digital graph to show our findings, and discussed ways to combat climate change in our geography learning this week. In art we have continued to look at the work of Olga Shvartsur and created some beautiful parrot paintings using watercolour pencils. We enjoyed hockey matches in PE, discussed where in the world animals live in French and in music we have learned to read the standard notation for crochets, quavers, minims and semibreves.

Exciting news this week... our basil plants have sprouted! Year 5 have been working hard to look after them and monitor their growth in our plant diaries! 

Art: Drawing and using watercolour pencils...

Computing: Using Microsoft Excel to input data about the Earth's change in temperature over time...

PE: Hockey matches!

Kik Theatre: Conservation and endangered animals drama workshop

Week Two

This week in maths we have been doing some fantastic learning about multiples, factors and common factors. We have also learned about prime numbers to 100 and identified these in a number challenge! 

In English we have completed our character descriptions about a 'wild thing' and enjoyed sharing our final pieces with our peers.

In geography we have been learning about endangered animals around the world and what we can do to help. We drew a world map of our own and plotted various endangered animals where they can be found using an atlas to help. In French we have been writing sentences about animals we have and animals we would like! In music we learned to read and play the standard treble clef notations for the notes B, A and G on the recorder. In P.E we enjoyed developing our handball and hockey skills. In PSHE this week we discussed the importance of valuing our differences, and how we can help to stamp out racism.

Science: Basil Planting!

Maths: Multiples, factors and common factors...

Geography: Can we place endangered animals on a world map?

Week One

It's been a busy first week back! Our Big Question this term is 'What does it mean to be wild?' In science, we have learned about the lifecycle of a plant and are looking forward to planting our own next week. In Art we have been learning about how wildlife can inspire artists, focusing on contemporary artist Olga Shvartsur. In P.E we had our first hockey lesson with Dave the hockey coach and enjoyed learning handball with Mr Day. In French we have learned the names of different animals and in music we learned 2 new songs on the recorder using notes B, A and G. We also learned how to read a 'rest' in sheet music. 

In maths this week we have completed our unit on statistics, exploring line graphs and tables. In English we have been been reading 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak.

We have learned how to use relative clauses and apostrophes for possession to improve sentences for our character descriptions which we look forward to completing next week! Bonus point... can anybody spot the relative pronoun in the sentence before this one!? 

Art: How can artists be inspired by wildlife? (Artist study - Olga Shvartsur)

P.E: Our first hockey lesson...