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Term 4 gallery

Week 6

This week has been an action packed one to finish the term! We have been writing recounts, inspired by our trip to Capel and have finished our algebra topic. In D.T we designed a WW2 meal using rationed ingredients and 'grow your own'. We then prepared the food ready for our WW2 day, using our cutting and peeling skills, etc. On our WW2 day, in the morning, we learnt some First Aid, as well as sending Morse code using circuits and then put up shelters (majority voted outside.. eek! It went well until the snow started falling!!) In the afternoon, we danced and sang things we had learnt this term and then ate our stew and cake! What a great day!

WW2 Day slideshow

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In the background, you can hear us singing Run Rabbit in rounds!

Doing the Lambeth Walk!

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Week 5

This week we have had such a lovely one! In Maths we have begun our algebra unit and the children really got it! In English we began our recount writing based on Operation Dynamo and the book Little Ships. In P.E we danced our Charleston routines ready for WW2 day next week! In Music we had a wonderful music workshop and also watched a fantastic harp performance including Ava in our class! In French we have been focusing on school life and identifying where objects are. In Computing we took our 3d modelling to the next level and created pencil pots! I think the next stage is asking Mr Day for a 3D printer!!!!! This week we also received our wonderful hoodies and t-shirts! We also enjoyed a trip to the battle of Britain War Memorial where we had a personal tour and got to have a go in the Scrabble Experience, flying a plane! The staff there commented on the exceptional behaviour of the class! Well done Year 6!


Week 4

Friday this week was Red Nose Day and Year 6 planned a few activities for the whole school to enjoy! There was: 'Pin the Nose on the Teacher', a Staff Vs Year 6 netball match, a lunchtime chess competition where children could compete against Mr Day, a half an hour fun session of PE with Hi 5 and a joke competition where children from every class gave their best joke and Ben A and Ronnie judged these during the week and then selected the 2 best jokes from each class which were read out on Friday afternoon to the whole school. Using the laugh-o-meter, the jokes were judged out of 10 and one winner from each class had the honour of pie-ing Mr Day! This caused great hilarity and much laughter and smiles throughout the whole of Lyminge school :-) Enjoy the slideshow...

Week 3

This week we have been writing our own WW2 stories in English, using inspiration from different stories. We completed the week with editing stations to improve our work. In Maths we have started our ratio topic, as well as completing Pixl assessments. Year 6 have worked so hard! This week in Computing we have been using 3D modelling Tinkercad to create 3D mazed and houses. In Science we have been making periscopes, using our new knowledge of reflection... and have even been spying on different classes! In Music we have been evaluating WW2 music including music by Glen Miller. This week we have also thought about our local history including looking at local accounts of the Battle of Britain.. before our class trip!

Periscope spying!

Week 2

What a busy and collaborative week we have had this week! In Maths this week we have been developing our % knowledge including finding %s of amounts. In English we have begun writing our own WW2 stories. In P.E we continued with our hockey and in Science the children began our light topic, thinking about how we see things. This week it has been lovely having the chance to start sharing work with other classes! On Monday we shared our controllable vehicles with year 2 who then showed us their space buggies! For Book Day (what great costumes!) we finished off our WW2 stories based on the Lion and the Unicorn and then created Tunnel Books for them. We listened to the BBC Live Lesson and we also had a shared reading session with Year 2.... dropping our work and taking up a book every time the bell rang this week! 

Sharing our vehicles with Year 2

How light travels

Week 1

This week we have returned to school at full speed! We have started a percentages topic in Maths and have been remembering our F.D.P key equivalents! In English we began our WW2 story writing and developed our empathy by role-playing evacuees and using De Bono's theory with coloured hats, exploring questions that cover themes including positives and creativity. In History we research the outbreak of WW2 and the significance of WW1. We also had a DT day where we created our own controllable vehicles linked to our Fair trade topic from last term... from cocoa vehicles to even a Fair Trade gold vehicle. The vehicles were scored out of 10 based on speed, distance and the aesthetics!

DT Day

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