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What did the Romans do for us?

This week we began exploring our new Big Question: What did the Romans do for us? 

This week Ian from KIC theatre came in for another drama workshop! Lucky us! We pretended to be Romans and dramatised creating roads, selling and making goods, visiting the baths and the gymnasium! Busy Romans!

We linked our studies of the digestive system in science to the Roman diet and created our own Roman menus for our restaurants - meals ranged from dormice with carrots for a main course to date tart smothered in honey for desert!

KIC theatre

Week 2: How did the Romans become so powerful?

This week we used our geographical skills to investigate Celtic and Roman territories and the spread of the Roman Empire from 800 BC to 117 AD.

Following on from our drama sessions last week to understand the Roman myth of Romulus and Remus, we began writing parts of our own version of Romulus and Remus. Linking in with our class name, we thought about the collective noun for animals - discovering that you can have a kettle of vultures and a murder of crows!

Week 3: What was special about Roman roads?

This week we used our geographical skills again to locate cities in England to find major Roman roads. We understood how roads such as Stone Street are incredibly straight compared to other roads using local maps and we investigated different symbols. We created cross sections of roads using stones, pebbles, sand and mosaic tiles on top. 

This week we finished our own Roman myths based on Romulus and Remus. We are very proud of our writing, developing our descriptive settings and characterisations as well as powerful verbs for the fight scenes! 

To link in with our 'human bodies' topic we studied the different teeth we have and their functions and then observed the teeth of animals that are carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.

We are looking forward to our survival day next week.... hopefully we will get to see the skulls of animals and look at their teeth!


Last term we were not able to have our survival day but finally we got to experience it! 

Week 5: What is tooth decay?

What an egg-periment! Today we asked scientific questions to investigate different drinks and their effect on egg shells. We covered eggs with different liquids (making sure the test is FAIR) and predicted which ones would have an effect on the egg shells (resembling the enamel from our teeth). We will keep observing throughout the week and record our egg-cellent results! To link with our Big Question we discussed why many Romans did not have poor tooth decay because of their egg-tremely good diet!!!!!