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Term 5: What's it Like Living on a Volcanic Island?


Week 1: Can I write a Kennings poem about volcanoes?

This week we began our volcano topic and wrote our own Kennings poems. A kenning is a riddle made up of several lines to describe someone or something. Our favourite lines included 'Earth shaker', 'Heart stopper' and 'soul snatcher.' In Science we began our sound topic and investigated the loudest part of the school... not our classroom!! We used data loggers to record the sounds and understood that the greater the vibrations, the louder the sound. We even made cornflour and discussed if it was acting as a solid or a liquid.


Week 2: Can I create a volcano game?

This week we continued our poetry unit and wrote Haikus based on the 5, 7, 5 syllable pattern. We then presented our Haikus in groups and thought about presenting skills such as intonation, expression and even included musical instruments. In Science we investigated how we hear sounds and went outside to see how we hear through solids. Later in the week, we located the world's most dangerous volcanoes and used our research to create our own Top Trump cards! It got very competitive when we played against each other!

Week 3: Can I create my own volcano artwork?

This week we used the internet to research volcanoes for our non-chronological reports and practised using language features such as generalisers. In Science we investigated how we can change the pitch of a sound and created our own panpipes. We investigated the pitch of a range of different instruments including the ukuleles, recorders and xylophones. Generally, we concluded that the shorter/ narrower/ tighter the object, the higher the pitch. The higher the pitch, the greater the amount of vibrations. On Wednesday, we had an art day and created volcanoes using a range of different painting techniques. We were very proud of the results. What a great day!

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Week 4

This week we went to Lullingstone Roman Villa to link with our Romans topic that we covered last term. We enjoyed our 'Magic and Medicine' workshop as well as looking around the villa which was begun in about AD 100. We were able to see mosaics as well as the bath-suite and a very deep well! Some of us even tried on the Roman costumes. In Maths we have started our money topic which was helped by a trip to the shop on our school trip! The next day we created lavender bags. Lavender was used by the Romans in the bath houses not only for its fragrance, but because of its antibacterial properties.

On Tuesday we began creating our volcanoes and are looking forward to eruptions next week! We also had a go at some barrier games to develop our listening skills!!

On Wednesday in Science we used string telephones to investigate how sound travels more quickly/ clearly through solids (such as the plastic cup and string) than a gas (the air).

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Week 5: Can I create my own volcanic eruption?

This week we added bicarbonate of soda, food colouring and vinegar to our volcanoes to produce an eruption where the gas carbon dioxide was produced. It got very messy so we were glad we did it outside! In Maths this week we continued using money and began estimating. We opened up our on restaurant and took each our food orders while rounding to the nearest pound and totalling the amounts!


Towards the end of the week we took part in a K'Nex challenge with Year 4. Our challenge was to create a vehicle with K'Nex that could transport a shoe the furthest. We were allowed to let it off a ramp - but no pushing! We thought about the different forces involved such as friction, air resistance and gravity. We were also judged on teamwork! Well done to the winning team which included Elliot from our class!