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Term 5: Who made Zeus the boss?

W/b 24.05.21


We've had a great final week learning about the Ancient Greeks and some new skills too! On Monday, we were lucky to have a drumming session in the hall which was great fun. In history we have been learning about the Greek gods and goddesses, and in computing, we made our own set of Top Trumps cards which look amazing! We enjoyed playing them with each other on the final day of term. On the last day, we also really enjoyed a Kwik Cricket tournament organised by Mrs Wilson and Hi-5. We saw some amazing cricket skills (which we've been developing this term), and fantastic team work skills from everybody.

Have a great half term everyone!

Ancient Greeks Top Trumps!

Wb 17/05/21

This week we had our Ancient Greeks day! 

Year 5 had some amazing costumes and enjoyed our own Greek Olympics, a virtual learning workshop with Maidstone Musuem and some Greek food tasting (where Year 5 were very, very brave!)

Greek food tasting...

W/b 03.05.21


This week we completed our Greek vases which look fantastic! We have also been learning about the Ancient Greek Olympics and how they have changed over time.

In maths, we have been looking at decimal complements to 1 and problem solving with addition and subtraction.

In English, we have been learning about Pandora's Box and reading 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. We have started to plan our own 'magic box' poems which have got off to a wonderful start! 

W/b 26.04.21


This week we have been learning about the history of Ancient Greece! On Wednesday, we combined history and drama - bring an Ancient Greek timeline to life! We learned how to create 'freeze frames' using expression and body language. Year 5 showed great teamwork in their groups to organise photography, the ordering of events and of course... props!

In English, we have written our own mythical versions of how Zeus became 'boss!' Year 5 have worked really hard to use a range of time conjunctions and powerful vocabulary.

In maths, we have continued to work on decimals - this week focusing on addition and subtraction of decimal numbers.

Year 5 have been enjoying some rounders and kwik cricket for their P.E learning this term. Fingers crossed the lovely, sunny weather sticks around! 

We made greek vases this week with our student teacher Miss. Tilbury which was great fun! We're looking forward to when they are dry and we can paint them next week. 

A busy week! But great fun! :)

An Ancient Greek Timeline: By Betty, Izzy, Isabelle, Grace & Elsie

An Ancient Greek Timeline: By Ed, Benoit, Dylan, Finley & Ben A

An Ancient Greek Timeline: By Ben N, Archie, Jack L, Shivn & Jack P

An Ancient Greek Timeline: By Rufus, Matty, Purojit, Indie & Sienna

An Ancient Greek Timeline: By Tom, Charlotte B, Ronnie, James & Josh

An Ancient Greek Timeline: By Isla, Sylvie, Tilly, Ava, Holly & Lilly

W/b 19.04.21


We have had a great week learning all about the Ancient Greeks! 

In English, we have been looking at the myth of how Zeus became kind of the gods. We are looking forward to writing our own version of the myth next week.

In maths, we have been understanding fractions, decimals and percentages. Year 5 are AMAZING at this and have grasped their new learning so well. 

In our big question work, we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks as inventors! We also did some computing work linked to Alexander the great, and used charcoal in our art lesson to create some incredible Zeus pictures.