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Term 6: Do fish sleep in river beds...?

Trampolining at The Folkestone Academy!

Week Six

This week in Maths we have been learning all about volume! We have learned that volume is the amount of solid space in a 3D object and used multilink cubes to explore this, solving some very tricky challenges! We have completed our end of term reading tests and finished off our rivers learning with some team building exercises - who knew we were so good at constructing mountains, bridges, fish and boats!? On Tuesday, we were visited by Brockhill and enjoyed their French and Drama workshops. We loved watching the Year 6 performance of Aladin and enjoyed our class treat on Thursday afternoon! Mrs. Vincer took us all the way to Ohio and introduced us to some furry friends at the cat sanctuary she works with. We loved seeing them and cooling off with some ice lollies! We can't quite believe this is our last full week in Year 5. More excitement to come next week - enjoy the weekend!

Maths: What is volume? (Cube challenges)

Can you guess what they all are!?

Mrs Vincer takes us all the way to Ohio! Meow!

Week Five


This week in Maths we have been learning how to translate and reflect shapes using coordinates. In English, we completed our river poetry - focusing on the use of personification and descriptive language. In Geography, we learned more about rivers and discussed the meaning of weathering, erosion and deposition. We learned that weathering breaks it, erosion takes it and deposition drops it! We have enjoyed some sunny sports this week, perspective drawing of an aquarium in art and last but not least... our class trip! We had a super day punting along the River Stour, followed by a picnic and play in Toddler's cove. It was a brilliant day and Year 5 were a credit to the school in their behaviour. Happy weekend! 

Our class trip...

Week Four

It has been a very busy week! We've had djemebe drumming, a k'nex challenge morning, sports day and of course - Mrs Vincer's special birthday party!

We have also been learning about co-ordinates and translation in Maths and working on some river poetry in English! We have learned about different parts of the river in Geography and created some Islamic Art in R.E! We have developed our squash skills and enjoyed some more athletics with Mr Day. We completed our Scarpace inspired turtles in Art and our final RSE lesson in PSHE.

Music: Djembe drumming!

Art: Completing our Scarpace inspired turtles...

Mrs V's special birthday party!

K'Nex Challenge Morning!

Week Three


This week we had a fantastic drama session with Kic Theatre - developing our acting skills at the same time as learning more about rivers! In maths we have been learning to calculate angles on a line and around a point. We have also been revising our knowledge of 3D shapes and reasoning with nets which has been good fun! In English, we have been looking at playscripts and writing our own fishy scenes! In R.E, we learned about the significance of a mosque and in Geography we located the major rivers around the world. In Computing we began creating our own animation movies using animating software and in French we learned to talk about days and months of the year. We enjoyed using acrylic paint in art to create turtles in the style of Vincent Scarpace and in PSHE we have been learning about how boy's bodies change during puberty. In P.E we enjoyed a throwing lesson with Mrs Wolfram and developing our skills in squash with our coach Brian! Have a super sunny weekend!

Art: Vincent Scarpace inspired turtles...

Geography: Locating major rivers around the world...

Maths: Properties of 3D shapes and using nets...

Week Two


This week we have been learning how to use a protractor to measure and draw angles in maths! In English, we have completed our river stories using descriptive language and complex sentences.

We began the week with our first R.E lesson, exploring sacred places for Muslims and Christians. In Geography, we explored rivers in the UK and in French we learned how to ask and speak about our ages. In Computing we have learned how to create stop-motion animations using photography. We learned all about puberty in P.S.H.E and the changes girls will experience during this time. Year 5 worked really sensibly in these sessions and had some brilliant questions. Jigsaw Jerrie's box will remain open this week if you think of anything else you would like to ask. In Art we recreated Hokusai's great wave with Mrs. Wolfram and enjoyed some very sunny P.E lessons! Have a super weekend Year 5!

Computing: Stop-motion animation with photography!

PSHE: Jigsaw Jerrie's question box is open!

Maths: Using a protractor to measure angles...

Week One


This week we have begun our new geometry unit in Maths where we have been learning all about angles! In English, we have been reading 'A River' by Marc Martin and planning our own journey stories using sensory description.

We began the week with a science experiment where we investigated streamlined shapes and the effects of water resistance. In Computing, we have been learning how to animate using stop-motion and enjoyed our first go at this using an animation tool. In French, we recapped our numbers to 100 and in Art we have been comparing the work of artists Hokusai and Vincent Scarpace. We created fish of our own in the style of Scarpace using acrylic paints. They look amazing! 

Art: Can I compare the work of Hokusai and Scarpace? Can I be inspired by the work of an artist?

Science: Can I explore the effects of water resistance?

PE: Squash & Athletics