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Term 6 gallery

Week 1 term 6

This week we have begun a Maths theme park project, designing our own theme parks and thinking about budgeting and design/ build costs! This will help us get ready for our upcoming trip to Chessington! In English we have been looking at sci-fi stories and in History we have started our Mayan topic (who knew how interested they were in the stars?!) For P.E we have taken on squash, swimming and athletics this week! We have also started rehearsing for the school performance! Term 6 in Year 6 is definitely not a quiet one.. we want to make sure the final term is a great one!

Theme Park Maths

Today in RE we have been learning about our new unit of work: The Kingdom of God, and thinking about the question: What kind of a King is Jesus? We looked at the parable of the Unforgiving Servant and acted it out in groups, considering what messages Jesus was giving to his followers. Here are some images of us performing our parable. 

Week 2 term 6

This week we have started writing up our stories for English, using all the techniques we have learnt for narrative writing this term. We have been having fun applying our VIPERS reading comprehension knowledge to different songs and thinking about context clues for songs such as Pompeii by Bastille. I Maths we have been putting our business hates on, working out the profit by taking into account our budgets from our building and running costs and then working out revenue from different entrance prices that we could charge. This class are definitely money makers! In History we researched different Mayan Gods and created Top Trump cards. In art we have begun designing/ sketching/ researching Mayan masks using different animals, for example the jaguar, to inspire us, or different patterns. In P.E we have been continuing with squash and swimming and in French we have been thinking about the names for different food/ drink. We have, of course, also been practising for the performance...!

Week 3 term 6

This week we have started our 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in English and have looked at the first scenes including the tangled love dilemma! We have made thoughtful predictions and translated Shakespearean extracts including Helena's monologue. In Maths we have planned our stalls for the school fayre and thought about how we are going to spend budgets, price the activities and predicted what we will make. We have put last week's business skills to good use! We have developed our cafe knowledge in French and in Art and Design we have used last week's Mayan mask designs to start sewing our mini Mayan masks! We have used a running stitch to add embellishments and key features as well as started our slightly more challenging blanket stitches to sew the 2 pieces together. We have rehearsed more of our performance as well as having a visit from Ian from KIC theatre to give us some drama production tips! Year 6 have taken part in squash, athletics and swimming for P.E. This week we also had a visit from an anti racism educator, Emily, from Books for Change. In the sessions, the children created anti racism posters for a whole school display.