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W/B - 8th February

Hello Owl Class and Owl families,


I hope you are all well this week? I hope you all had lots of fun in the snow today. It really is beautiful to see.


I can't believe we are in our final week of this term! Thank you everyone for another amazing week of learning last week. I am a very proud teacher of my amazing class. Everyone should feel very proud of them selves. A big thank you to everyone for all of the time taken for the home learning. As I keep saying you are all doing such a fantastic job! I know it really isn't easy. So THANK YOU.


Please keep uploading learning directly to Seesaw. Mathematics will all be scheduled like normal on here. It really is wonderful to see all of the children doing their super learning. Please just enjoy playing games with MyMaths.


This week our final adventure takes us up into space. All of our learning will be around the story "Whatever Next". We will be blasting off into space, having space explorations, learning about our solar systems, comparing planets and going star gazing! I really hope you all enjoy our final week of learning. Don't forget lots of busy learning time, make a Lego model, go for a walk, dress up for the day, bake a cake or make a junk model.


On Tuesday it is Internet Safety Day. I have put some resources for it in the 'Other learning area folder' for you all to look at.


During the week I will put some different videos up so do please keep an eye out on the website for these. As always I will be doing story time everyday, so again please do have a look at these.


I have put some snowy activities below. If it is still snowy tomorrow please have fun in the snow, go for a snowy walk, build snowmen, make a snow alien or a rocket! Please enjoy it!


I am looking forward to our Zoom calls on Monday and Friday. 


Missing you all so much.


Remember I am just an email away.


Continue to be kind to yourselves and stay safe.


Miss Foster 

Happy half term everyone! 


I just want to wish you all a very happy, relaxing and well deserved half term break!

I am so incredibly proud of what you have all achieved this term.

Children, I knew you wouldn't stop wowing me.

You should all feel super proud of yourselves for your amazing home learning this term.


We have traveled around the world together, travelled back in time and blasted off into Space!
I hope you have all enjoyed our learning adventures this term 

Thank you for the fun!


A HUGE thank you to all of the families as well for all of the time and incredible effort you have all gone to for home learning. I know it hasn't been easy juggling everything, but I THANK YOU all so much for everything you have done.  
You are brilliant.


I miss you all so much and I hope we are together very soon.


Happy holidays everyone


Miss Foster




Happy half term birthdays to Marcus and Jenson. We will sing happy birthday to you on our first Monday hello Zoom after half term. We hope you both have wonderful days!

Our last adventure......

Thank you to everyone who came to our last Zoom of the term. It was great to see you dressed up!

It was wonderful to celebrate everyone's amazing learning during the last term. You are all learning superstars!

You should feel very proud of yourself as I do!

Thank you Owl class for everyone who came to our Monday morning hello!๐Ÿ‘‹ 

I hope you all have a wonderful day in the snow and enjoy our last adventure together blasting off into SPACE ๐Ÿš€ 


Thank you all for singing Happy Birthday to me.

What a lovely surprise and you have made my day very special!