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This term we are going to be developing our skills in coding. I have set everybody up with an account on code.org so that I can set you a coding assignment each week and see how you have got on.


Please follow the instructions below to get started: 


1. Go to https://studio.code.org/join/NWQKKN 



2. Click on your name.



3. Enter your picture password (you will find your picture password in the document below). 


Once you have logged in, you will find your assigned challenge.

This week it is Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic.

Click on 'level 1' to get started and see if you can code your way through all 12 levels. Good luck!


Extension: If you complete your assignment and you fancy some more coding challenges, visit the 'create' section (in the top right hand corner of the page) and experiment with some of the different activities available. Can you code an app, make a game, or code a dance?




I have also set everybody an account up on duolingo so that you can keep practicing your French at home and I can see how you are getting on! Follow the instructions below to get your duolingo account running (your login information can be found in the PDF below):

Once you have logged in you should see a screen like this. Most of you are 'beginners' so will click on Basics 1 to get started. This will take you through a series of basic French lessons. I've set your daily goal as 10 minutes of French a day, don't worry if you don't manage it everyday, but keep an eye on your progress score! The more French you complete, the higher the score in your treasure chest! Have fun!


Do all types of chocolate melt the same?

Take a look at the science experiment on the PDF document below. Do you think that white, milk and plain chocolate all melt at the same rate? Why? Why not?

How could you find out?

If you're able to, complete the experiment and worksheet. 

If you're unable to, you could make your predictions, then watch the following video version of the experiment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYyoa8q3Lvs to find out what happened in this case.


This week have a go at a fun online art game called quick draw by clicking the image above. You have 20 seconds for the computer to guess what you have been told to draw, how many can they get right!? I managed 3 in a row but then it couldn't guess my crocodile! I wonder who's doing the guessing? A robot....?

P.E (Gymnastics)

We are going to try and continue some gymnastics as best as we can at home this term. Each week I will set a new task for you to try here. 

Remember to also get moving wherever you can during the week, doing whatever it is you enjoy!


Week 2:

  • PE with Joe is also resuming at 9am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1