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Example text to 'hug' this week

Monday: To write a story opening.

Today you will begin to write up your opening from your story hill. Remember to hug the example text by including characterisation and setting description (including the weather for atmosphere). Have a go at including newspaper headlines.

Extend yourself: Thinking about the SPAG session last Friday, change the location of your adverbials.


What will your detective be like? Think about physical appearance, movement, character thought and 'habits'. Do they have certain strengths or equipment that they carry around with them? A saying? Will he/ she/ they be like Sherlock Holmes? Nancy Drew? A spy kid?! 

Tuesday: to write a build-up

This is the part of your story where your detective is given 'hope'. Include some more character emotion as well as dialogue here using your knowledge of the speech rules.

Extend yourself: Use dialect for one of the characters as well as adverbial phrases to describe the dialogue.

Wednesday: To give choices.

This is the part of the story where your detective is given choices. You could 'hug' the choices given or come up with your own ideas! Keep working on your dialogue and fronted adverbials.

Extend yourself: Don't forget your relative clauses (who.. that.. which..)

Thursday: To go on a journey and reflect.

This is the part where the detective now goes on the journey, having made his choice.

To extend yourself you could write the 3 different choices or just write the one that you would go with!

The journey part:

The reflection:

Keep working on:

Your characterisation (especially EMOTION and movement).

Choice of adverbials.

Relative clauses (who.. that.. which..)

Extension for the day: Have a go at developing deeper personification (the silence swallowed him...)


Have you been working on your PUNCTUATION? Remember the basics and extend yourself by adding dashes for extra information or parenthesis like we have been doing in class.


Friday: To use commas to clarify meaning.

Every Friday we have a SPAG focus. Your spellings this week are:


Make sure that you understand the meaning of each word (use a dictionary to help you if required) and this week pick at least 5 words and create a sentence using each word as a noun and then a sentence using the word as a verb.


Our grammar focus this week...


Look at the poster above. Why is a comma so important?! Can you come up with your own?!

Have a go at the activity sheet (the stars help you pick the challenge that is right for you).


If you ever want an extension through the week, there is a weekly reading comprehension in the reading folder. Reading is so important so keep on reading your OWN books too! (These do not have to just be fiction books... read everything around you!)