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Curriculum Statement

We aim for our curriculum to provide rich and challenging experiences that enable all children to learn. We want our children to love learning and enjoy all experiences we offer.  English and Maths are taught every day and we teach a curriculum that meets the needs of the new curriculum, as we move from one National Curriculum to another.



We teach reading and writing every day in varied and lively ways, and we promote reading and writing in all subjects.

Reading - We use book ‘bands’ to enable a clear progression in reading through use of a variety of quality reading texts.  This is a broad and rich reading scheme incorporating many types of books, for our many types of readers.

Writing - We teach children to write through quality language acquisition and development through spoken language, reading and writing. In addition children are taught spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar.

Phonics is taught systematically, through the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme using multi-sensory strategies. As children progress through the school grammar, spelling and punctuation are taught both discretely, and also within reading and writing lessons, so that children are enabled to apply the rules and skills in their own work.

Click links below to view English Curriculum Overviews.



Maths teaching ensures a balance of fluency, reasoning and problem solving.  Fluency focuses on confidence with the four mathematical operations, and quick recall of facts such as number bonds, properties of shapes ,multiplication facts etc. Children are then given opportunities  to reason, wonder about and investigate these, and to apply their skills and knowledge to solve 'real life' problems.

Click link below to view Maths Curriculum Overview.



In addition, we teach RE, Computing, Science, Art and Design, Citizenship, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Languages, Music and PE.  We strive to make our curriculum creative and we promote independent thinking in the teaching approaches we use.  Children learn in different ways and we ensure we cater for the learning needs of every child.


EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

In Foundation stage children learn through a variety of activities and experiences, with a strong focus on exploring and investigating. The learning environment is designed to promote collaborative learning, independence and the skills of evaluating their own learning. Children will demonstrate understanding of learning across 7 areas: -

3 Prime Areas:

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

4 Specific Areas:



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design