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PE and Sports Premium


School Sports funding

As part of our sports funding we continue to aid teachers to teach and pupils to learn and aim for excellence in all areas of Physical Education.

During 2015-16 we spoke to staff about how team teaching with the specialist teacher was going and if they feel more confident in teaching PE

Teacher found they picked up good ideas for teaching themselves, especially pace and organisation of lessons. The teachers would however like plans so they have something to follow especially if they are following up a lesson. It is also hard to remember everything in the PE specialist lessons and need something that would help them be reminded of different things they have seen

The student council were also spoken to see if the continued popularity of PE lessons has continued. The children really enjoyed PE as they are taught lots of different games, new skills and techniques.  They would also like to see different things being taught during the year, as well as more opportunities to take part in different tournaments throughout the year.


Funding for 2015-16   


Funding has provided: -

Specialist Teacher every week

Access to competitions through SLA Shepway Sports

SLA Shepway Sports

We have developed this spending from last year by enabling the specialist teacher to develop teacher competence and confidence in P.E by team teaching alongside

Impact: -

  • Raised standards in P.E.
  • Access to competitive sports greatly increased
  • Staff competence in teaching quality P.E. lessons.


Area of focus


Action Plan

Evidence of use of funding

Funding breakdown




To ensure that Sports funding impacts positively on pupils understanding of, and engagement in a variety of sports and exercise, as part of a healthy lifestyle

School data


District sports cup for past 2 year!!!


Afterschool/lunchtime sports clubs


Shepway Games sports tournaments/








Participation in Active Bug initiative



To ensure all children are taught good and better PE lessons by all teachers and are exposed to a variety of sporting activities











To encourage a healthy lifestyle


Specialist teacher and impact she has had on teachers


Questionnaire feedback












Weekly log of participation


£6750 – specialist teacher


£550 –

Shepway Games package


£800 -

Competition package


£50 -

District Sports


£450 -


£250 - 

Active Bug


Pupil voice

Teacher confidence

Increase access to competitions

Improved standards and maintained standards

Positive attitudes










More active children

To ensure that pupils have the opportunity to participate and compete in a variety of sporting events and competitions.

Afterschool/lunchtime sports club

Shepway Games Competitions

District sports

To allow all children to access sports at a school level and at a competitive level

Specialist teacher


Shepway Games Competitions

 As above

Increase access to different sports and experiences

Experiencing competitive tournaments

Pupil voice feedback




Academic year 2016/17

Income: £8,808


Expenditure already committed for future spend this academic year:



Cost £


Specialist teacher




Shepway Sports Package


Active Bug Annual Fee














To ensure consistent good teaching and ensure new staff team feel confident in teaching variety of sports.



To enable children to participate in events and competitions.



To promote a healthy life style to children and to engage children wanting to walk and be healthy everyday




To extend and sustain our excellent practice this year we aim to involve the pupil voice further in how we continue and develop: -

  • P.E. excellence in all pupils beyond our school community,
  • to ensure we are leading healthy and active lifestyles and
  • to enable children with particular strengths the opportunities to develop these at their level.



Future action points

  • To evaluate the school’s current P.E. provision and identify strengths and weaknesses in order to devise an effective action plan
  • Ranging of activities offered through PE lessons and afterschool/lunchtime clubs
  • Ensure the enhancement and extension of our curriculum provision
  • Promoting further healthy and active lifestyles and promote healthy school
  • Pupils needs/interests
  • Inter-hub competitions
  • Choosing different children to attend completion so all children have the opportunity to compete at competition level.


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