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The Big Question will change at different points during the year. We will not commit to it changing every term as some Questions may require longer. Equally some Questions will be shorter units of work and maybe span one or two weeks. Also, we aim to be driven by the children’s interest, and if a topic has really grabbed them, we may extend it. If, however, it hasn’t gone as well as we thought it would, we’ll cut it short and move on.


Not all Big Questions cover the same subject areas. Some are more science focused and others may be more history, or art focused. This means that in some terms, we may not be covering a certain subject area.


However, the entire year has been planned out week by week, and all National curriculum areas are planned to be covered across the six term year, with space to accommodate areas of learning which are led by the children.


Our first Big Question outline is below. Usually the children will be involved in deciding the questions and what additional areas they want to learn about, but obviously the end of last year didn’t allow for this. Each Big Question Map (as below) shows the areas of learning, the mini-questions and some codes. The codes allow us to track subject coverage across the year to make sure your children are covering everything they should. DT3.4, for instance, means Design Technology Year 3 Objective 4 from our National Curriculum grids.