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Our School Vision

Creating our School Vision

We created our school vision through a consultation process.


Consultation 1: Children, parents, staff, Governors and the local community


Initially we consulted with children, parents, staff and Governors as well as some members of the local community. This required them all to write their own 50 word Vision Statement, reflecting what they believed to be the core mission statement of our school.


These statements (over 200) were collected in by the Christian Distinctiveness Leader and studied for common priorities and patterns. Although there were different phrases and words used, the vast majority of these statements fell into four main areas: 


  • 1) Christian Character
  • 2) Justice for All
  • 3) SMSC
  • 4) Academic Achievement


1) Christian Character: It was felt by a majority that a strength of the school was the values it taught and that it was a Christian or Church school. Many non-believers said that they felt their children learning to be loving and tolerant was very important as a grounding for life. Many others said that the Christian nature of the school just made the school 'a lovely place'.


2) Justice for All: This is what I am calling words or phrases relating to fairness, to helping others, to supporting charities and those less fortunate. Many visions related to children learning to help those around them, whether they referred to in class or wider opportunities.


3) SMSC: Any area relating to children's Spiritual, Moral, Social or Cultural development. Many visions referred to building confidence, being caring, being tolerant, being thoughtful, and being determined and curious learners. I also included any comments relating to loving those who were different, or any comments relating to behaviour (bullying, racism, stereotyping, etc).


4) Academic Achievement: All of the visions stated that the children would achieve their best. Some related this to special needs, others referred to talented children being stretched. Although the word wasn't used, there were many references to vulnerable children achieving despite their circumstances.


The CD Lead then pulled together all of these priorities and combined them with the five Christian Values of the School to create a shared vision which truly represented the priorities of the school and the Values chosen as most important by the children, staff and Governors.


Consultation 2: God


After the CD Lead had crafted a Vision Statement of 50 words he prayed about it. He asked God for confirmation that this was a true reflection of the school, and if there was anything to be added.  Other people also prayed that this process would be successful and that the school would grow and benefit from the thought and work the whole community had invested.


Consultation 3: The Governors


Following prayer, a couple of revisions were made to wording by the Leadership Team and the final Vision was taken to Governors for approval. After being presented to Governors, it was discussed and then approved.


And here it is. The picture below shows it in two ways. The top version is colour coded to reflect the 4 priorities described above. The second shows how it reflects the school values. Where a section is repeated in brackets in a different colour that is due to it reflecting two different values.


But this is not just a 50 word exercise. The hard work now begins. We should ALL now try to live by this vision and these values. Children and adults alike have created this vision, and now we share a responsibility to live it out. And while this is a school vision, I hope that its shared nature means that children and adults alike will take it into their homes and every-day life so that the children learn its value wherever they are.